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  1. bowmanarmy

    I need your Help Plz!!!

    I really need to find one of these by April 30th. Its for my brothers birthday, which happens to be on the same day as mine. This will be the most kick anus present ever if i could find it.
  2. bowmanarmy

    Bricktendo- Video Game Lego Sculptures - FREE Wall Mounting!

    PM me if you ever come up with a price for that mega man, I got a friend with a b-day comming up that would love that
  3. bowmanarmy

    Books that you would like to see turned into a movie

    The Halo Books, or wait, a halo movie period
  4. bowmanarmy

    where to get rid of old monitors?

    No, but there is a lot of fun to still be had with them. My brother takes all his old computer stuff and uses them for target pratice.
  5. bowmanarmy

    Dane Cook - Vicious Circle

    I love dane cook, but hated that pile of crap vicious circle.
  6. bowmanarmy

    2007 Completed Games Tab

    YAY Spotitfacation
  7. bowmanarmy

    Delete. Captmurphy started a new one.

    take me off this list.
  8. bowmanarmy

    Delete. Captmurphy started a new one.

    Have: King Kong Want: The outfit Amp 3
  9. bowmanarmy

    One of the coolest things that can happen

    I was comming home from Huddle House and I hit a lighting bug. I it my windshield wipers and smeared glowing gunk all over my windshield. It was awsome. And while I am one cool stuff. I learned from south park that if you take two double stuffed oreos and take the two cream sides and mash them...
  10. bowmanarmy

    Corrupt a wish message board game

    Granted you would be blind and deaf. I wish people didn't drink or do drugs ever and world peace would reign
  11. bowmanarmy

    Corrupt a wish message board game

    Granted that your body parts would then fall off and you would die. I wish I didn't eat so much while i was at home.
  12. bowmanarmy

    Corrupt a wish message board game

    I wish CAG got it's own store, full of nostalgia and old-school pwnage. Granted it would all be over priced I wish I could lick cheeto powder off of naked women
  13. bowmanarmy

    CheapyD to Appear Live on Bloomberg TV - Wednesday Night (6/7/06)

    God it is so weird watching that voice that i usually hear on the cagcast
  14. bowmanarmy

    What was the WORST game you ever paid the MOST money for?

    Shadow of Rome at $50. Great game if it wouldn't have been for the crappy sneaking.
  15. bowmanarmy

    Three more 360 Price Drops at

    Srry if it is a repost, but it appears that Full Auto, Ridge Racer 6 and Condemed have dropped to 40
  16. bowmanarmy

    RIAA targets YouTube

    I think they got wut they deserved. I used to be into all of that, but come on, there were entire shows on that thing.
  17. bowmanarmy

    I almost want to buy this

    Ok i bought it. Now this ought to be funny
  18. bowmanarmy

    I almost want to buy this Just to see wut the heck it says
  19. bowmanarmy

    I so swear, I'm going to kill this band

    DUDE, just go in your room and "Close the GOd @$#% Door" ha
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