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  1. ElwoodCuse

    Rock Band 4 (PS4, X1) Out Now - Triple Cymbal Expansion Kit Available for Preorder

    I love Rock Band to death and still play custom songs on my 360 but I just can't see spending the money on an Xbone, copy of the game, and instrument adaptor. :(
  2. ElwoodCuse

    GOP’s hideous strategy to survive as the “white party”

    you have to produce all kinds of documentation to vote even though there is no such thing as in-person voter fraud, but we should give guns without a second's thought to anyone who wants them in a country where tens of thousands of people each year are killed by firearms. cool!
  3. ElwoodCuse

    The New RBI Baseball

    Surprise, this game is garbage and a complete ripoff for $20 on consoles ($5 on IOS)
  4. ElwoodCuse

    The 2013/2014 NBA Thread (LBJ is a Cav)

    When the NBA puts ads all over their jerseys Gary Bettman is going to laugh his ass off and be all "and you guys thought WE were bush league"
  5. ElwoodCuse

    Titanfall for xbox 360 delayed again.

    I love all the people who literally do not know the game is coming out for 360
  6. ElwoodCuse

    "Raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure"

    Republican Jesus Ronald Reagan had the debt ceiling raised 18 times and no one cared at all It's a procedural thing that needs to happen that the psycho wing of the Republicans has managed to politicize and convince their idiot followers is a terrible thing. Deficits don't matter!* *applies...
  7. ElwoodCuse

    Saints Row 1 through 4 and how it's changed

    Saints Row 2 is the best because it wasn't slashed to the bone and rushed out the door. So much cut content in 3. I also am beginning to tire of "LOL look how edgy and gross and offensive we are" humor
  8. ElwoodCuse

    Retailer explains how used Xbox One games are traded in and bought

    EA doesn't necessarily need the consoles to do their dirty work. The future for them is microtransactions/consumable DLC. Crafting resources for Dead Space. Coins for rounds/powerups in Tiger Woods. FIFA/NHL/Madden Ultimate Team.
  9. ElwoodCuse

    NHL 2012-2013 Season- Let's do this. Games start January 19

    Pittsburgh and Boston being light-years ahead of everyone else in the East happened gonna be a great ECF
  10. ElwoodCuse

    NHL 2012-2013 Season- Let's do this. Games start January 19

    Spezza before he's ready and Karlsson before he's ready is just what an overmatched Sens team needs to beat the Penguins
  11. ElwoodCuse

    GAMESTOP Ps2 trade ins NOT accepted anymore?

    Holy crap I thought they did this a couple years ago And what were they offering, like 25 cents a game tops?
  12. ElwoodCuse

    NHL 2012-2013 Season- Let's do this. Games start January 19

    what towns aren't? people like their teams better when they win, film at 11
  13. ElwoodCuse

    NHL 2012-2013 Season- Let's do this. Games start January 19

    1. they had a ton of cap room at the beginning of the season 2. the cap is calculated every day so the closer you get to the trade deadline the more space you have. and in the playoffs there's no cap or roster limit at all boo hoo hoo a guy who got a NTC in his contract used it to go where he...
  14. ElwoodCuse

    Is the game industry headed for failure?

    not a chance. That's like twice what people estimated GTA4 cost to make.
  15. ElwoodCuse


    Season 4 has done a great job of making me feel ok with the show being canceled for good, so there's that I guess To be completely honest back when Joel started hyping this show on The Soup I thought it sounded terrible and would last like a month so hey it was least fun for a while
  16. ElwoodCuse

    NHL 2012-2013 Season- Let's do this. Games start January 19

    Torterella should be fired before Laviolette. The Flyers have no defense at all, that's why they stink. The Rangers are tired of Angry John's act.
  17. ElwoodCuse

    NYC Soda Ban... banned!

    Not just healthcare for fatties but the farm subsidies and such that make corn syrup way cheaper than cane sugar
  18. ElwoodCuse

    NHL 2012-2013 Season- Let's do this. Games start January 19

    They had to be. More people live in the east than the west so surprise there are more teams in the east than the west. This realignment stuff wouldn't be so bad if the playoffs were division winners 1-2 everyone else 3-8. The formats they keep putting out there now are mathmatical messes (and...
  19. ElwoodCuse

    Next Xbox May or May Not Require Online/Allow Used Games (Update 4/25/13)

    4K is the next 3D. No one wants it. No one cares about it. No one is making content for it. Game companies aren't going to support a technology that a tiny, tiny minority of people can use. You need a huge, huge screen to even notice the extra detail.
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