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  1. Zanpakuto

    $25 Amazon Giveaway plus more

    ENTERED @mennuto
  2. Zanpakuto

    (3) $25 Itunes , Xbox, or PlayStation Credit Contest

    @mennuto Thanks for contest!
  3. Zanpakuto

    CLOSED/Winner selected.

    Gears of War
  4. Zanpakuto

    Nintendo Wii/Wii U/3DS eShop Code Trading Thread

    W: Earthbound, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Wii Party U, Game & Wario H: Paypal/Amazon
  5. Zanpakuto

    [US/Canada; Facebook] Win 27" AOC monitor

    Thanks! Here is my link:
  6. Zanpakuto

    Another PS4 giveaway

    I used your link. Here is mine: Thanks!
  7. Zanpakuto

    Call of Duty Ghosts (Xbox 360 or PS3) Giveaway

    Thanks! Did all three (YT: Haxonable).
  8. Zanpakuto

    GameSpot Facebook Next-Gen giveaway

    Thanks for information OP! Here is my link:
  9. Zanpakuto

    Win a PS4 Before it's Released

    I received 26 out of 33 codes this morning from the postcards I sent two weeks ago. Tried this morning at 10am CST and no go.
  10. Zanpakuto

    Winners Picked

    1. Flatliner718 - Shaun of the Dead 2. masa15 - The Croods 3. NoDAK - Shaun of the Dead 4. Gideon68 - The Croods 5. theDevilman - Shaun of the Dead 6. Cloulien - The Croods 7. Ransack - Shaun of the Dead 8. dominator - Shaun of the Dead 9. Psycosis86 - Shaun of the Dead 10. bfett9 - Shaun of the...
  11. Zanpakuto

    Shameless Self Promoting is Shameless

    Cool contest! Subbed to your YT as: Haxonable Commented/Liked: Turok 2 - Episode 6
  12. Zanpakuto

    Winners Picked

  13. Zanpakuto

    Pokemon 3DS XLs announced for North America

    Picked up my pre-ordered Red one this morning at Best Buy. I checked in the back and they had two extra Red and two extra Blue in stock. I decided to pick up a Blue one too to give to my sister as a birthday gift. I went over to Target as well and they only received one Red and one Blue for the...
  14. Zanpakuto

    Pokemon 3DS XLs announced for North America

    Similar thing happened to me today. I called and asked if it is possible to pick-up today since I got the same email. The person on the phone said "Yes!". Drove all the way out there and was told it wasn't here yet... I give a call back later and I was told it was delivered this afternoon, but I...
  15. Zanpakuto

    Pokemon 3DS XLs announced for North America

    I just got an email from Best Buy saying my order will be ready for pick-up tomorrow (a day early). Do you think that will be possible? If so, that would be awesome. EDIT: It says it is ready for pick-up today! EDIT 2: I called and they said it is waiting for pick-up... but the item isn't...
  16. Zanpakuto

    Winners Picked

    Zanpakuto 3. Premium Rush
  17. Zanpakuto

    Pokemon 3DS XLs announced for North America

    Thank you! Switching my order from Gamestop to Best Buy for the free release day in-store pickup.
  18. Zanpakuto


    Want: 1 Month of Playstation Plus Have: Amazon/PayPal
  19. Zanpakuto

    Tales of Xillia (US) -Giveaway from Gamesies: The Show

    Thanks for the contest! RT'd/Follow'd as @mennuto and Youtube subbed as RedxSky1.
  20. Zanpakuto

    The Batman Giveaway

    Phoenix Wright! Thanks for the contest :)
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