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  1. redfusion

    CAGcast #317: Bo Knows Bows

    1up was shut down because Ziff Davis decided to shut them down. It has nothing to do with people using adblocker.
  2. redfusion

    The Steam Deal Thread V6. We're all pumped for CAG 3.0!

    I didn't see that cause i'm blind.
  3. redfusion

    The Steam Deal Thread V6. We're all pumped for CAG 3.0!

    75% off is the most a game will go on sale right?
  4. redfusion

    Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread VI

    Got a copy of BL2 acceptable, pretty good price. It has the one dlc, and some bonus content.
  5. redfusion

    Danimal's So Easy Contest So Over. Congrats to our winner, gtkilla!

    Borderlands 2 xbox 360 pretty cool contest
  6. redfusion

    WWE All Stars Brawl Stick (360/PS3) $29.99/$29.94(FSSS/Prime eligible) @ Amazon

    Both versions are back in stock for now with more coming on the way.
  7. redfusion

    CAGcast #291: Patch This!

    So glad I'm not the only one who thinks Batman Beyond is terrible.
  8. redfusion

    (DEAD) Pre-order Indiana Jones Blu-ray Collection @ Amazon $69.99

    Sweet, three movies and a coaster.
  9. redfusion

    Amazon 19 Days of Deals + Afternoon Lightning Deals - Today: The Finale

    These game choices make no sense. No Professor Layton, but Katamari, You Don't Know Jack, Scene It, and Pac-Man? Those aren't puzzle games.
  10. redfusion

    The OFFICIAL Holiday Blu-Ray/DVD Deals 2011 Thread

    I was on the waitlist for Anchorman, but luckily got a copy.
  11. redfusion

    >DEAD< 298 TV titles 10 and under on

    I like how Community is listed as The Community.
  12. redfusion

    $7.99 - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Collector's Edition - PS3 - Best Buy !

    Got a copy. Remember playing the demo and didn't hate it or anything. Not bad for $8, and I could use another thumb drive.
  13. redfusion

    [OOS] Yakuza 4 $10 @ Amazon /w Prime

    Thanks! Was waiting for a match.
  14. redfusion

    Black Friday 2011 horror story thread

    Geez it's like an episode of the walking dead
  15. redfusion

    Black Friday Super Show of Savings 2011 - Friday 1AM EST

    There are some real assholes calling in.
  16. redfusion

    Battlestar Galactica Blu-ray sets Clarification

    They seem to be the complete seasons. Season two blu-ray is 963 minutes.
  17. redfusion

    The OFFICIAL Holiday Blu-Ray/DVD Deals 2011 Thread

    You're seriously getting mad over not having a piece of cardboard?
  18. redfusion

    Modern Family Seasons Blu-ray $18.49/Dvd $12.99

    Season 1 :br: :dvd: Season 2 :br...
  19. redfusion

    NOW LIVE DC Universe Online (PS3/PC) Free to download and FREE-TO-PLAY

    Didn't play the beta, so I don't know. Just jumped right in, no waiting.
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