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    Gamestop After-Christmas Sale 12/26-12/29 - BF4 (360/PS3/PC) $40, GTAV $40, 50% Trade-ins

    I did a return/rebuy on the vita gift card and the Sly game. Both had sold out at my store. The return/rebuy process is basically a price adjust, so it's same length of 5 minutes.
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    PS3 Uncharted/inFamous bundle $199 at Target

    It does make sense. With rumors that the PS4 won't be backwards compatible or play used games it makes much sense.
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    Gamestop PS3 HD Collection Sale (11/1 - 11/14)

    I don't know whether to choose between uncharted dual pack and inFAMOUS Collection. What to do what to do?
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    Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY XBox 360) for $9.99 @Target B&M.

    I was able to get the last one on Saturday. I wish I had bought this game sooner. It's awesome!!
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    Official Sears Clearance Thread II - post Sears finds/deals here

    Actually it was $129.99 and now it rings at $99.99. So I guess it's at full price. I thought it would be on clearance since it's the original one and all. I thought of getting the generic ones but i don't know if they will work as well or get me banned from Xbox live.
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    Official Sears Clearance Thread II - post Sears finds/deals here

    Is $99.99 a good price for a 250gb original xbox 360 hdd?
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    Goozex - Free PS3/Bluray trades till 5/31

    How does the game nights thing work? how do they keep track of who does/ doesn't do it?
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    Will the PS3 get a price drop soon?

    Probably. Its anybody's guess but, for the most no. Move came out last year and they are still doing successful. You could buy a used one on craigslist for $200. or one that has YLOD and fix it. If you can do it it's worth the risk.
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    Broken PS3

    Dude your the best. I tried the system restore and it worked. I had tried it previously to no luck but this time it worked. My ps3 still runs hot though. Im thinking of getting an intercooler (any of you guys tried it?), but other that everything else is fine. Thanks.
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    Broken PS3

    After they repair it though it's only a 90 day waranty. So if it breaks after that im screwed.
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    Broken PS3

    Thing is I already have a ps2. You would think Sony would charge $100 to fix it and $130 to upgrade but no they have to complicate things. If I do the upgrade I'll lose all my info on my old 60gb though.
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    Broken PS3

    I considered the slim upgrade except I don't have $100 and i'd lose backwards compatibility.
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    Broken PS3

    Hey fellow CAG's. My ps3 60gb broke on me recently. I called Sony and they told me it will cost me either $100 to upgrade it to a slim, or $130 to repair it. The Problem with the PS3 is that when I turn it on the picture doesn't show. When it does it freezes during a game (around 20 min mark)...
  14. V - Register A New Free Trading Account, Get a $5 used game for free

    OP if we state that we were referred by you would we be able to get more than one trade token... er game?
  15. V -PS3+Uncharted & Infamous 299.99 (Maybe 100 off with BML)

    If you have the money I don't see why not. In my case I don't so I can't get it.:-(
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    Gamestop B2G1 officiallly starts on 11/25 - Dead

    it depends on the gamestop in your area. Where I live there are 4 gamestop stores. The ones in the mall are usually more crowded than the others, but really it depends on the store. Go early just in case.:)
  17. V Pre-Owned Box & Manual Guarantee - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    It's about time they offered box and manuals rather than that generic crap box it comes in. Hopefully they won't put the sticker on the artwork. It makes it hard to remove that sticky residue without damaging the artwork.
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    Resident Evil 5 Tricell Messenger Bag - $7.95 NEW Daily Deal 1/7

    has anyone done this deal before? what's the average percentage of these games working? also, does GS allow you to trade in cracked games?
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    Gamestop - Trade in promo towards PS3 slim

    Unfortunately, Gamestop doesn't count on consumers being smart. They know that a bunch of ten year old's are going to be biting on this deal. Just because they can get a ps3 slim for half the price!
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