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    OLD THREAD: New thread in FIRST/LAST posts.

    Here's my trade in list (values shown are with 60% bonus, then base price) Xbox One Dead Rising 3 - 17.00 Titanfall - 27.00 Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes - 12.00 Wii U Game & Wario - 9.00 Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge - 3.00 LEGO City Undercover - 20.00 Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - 6.00 Xbox 360...
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    Target AD 4-6 to 4-12 (Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all video games)

    I'm sure it has probably been mentioned already, but is the old glitch back (getting the third game free regardless of which one is lowest)? I got two Disney magical world games and Yoshi. Yoshi is a $40 game and I paid around 60 with redcard...
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    Newegg - Wii Party U $39.99 Pre-Order (Game includes Wii Remote Plus)

    Mine has been "ready for transport to usps" since Monday morning... I hate DHL.
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    $13.XX Justice League Flashpoint Paradox(BLU/DVD/UV) @ Target/Amazon matched

    The figure looks kind of terrible. I passed on it.
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    Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures $32.99 (Blu-Ray) @

    Thanks! I kind of don't have the money to burn, but I did it anyway. Been wanting this for a while. My wife will hate you when she wakes up :)
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    Muramasa Rebirth, Game & Wario Wii U $32; Shin Megami Tensei IV $42 (Newegg)

    I got this canned response about G&W.
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    Kinect Sesame Street Season 1 Pass for $8.79 (70% off)

    My daughter wasn't a huge sesame Street fan, but the game does a pretty good job of keeping the kids engaged. I'd recommend it.
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    Kinect Sesame Street Season 1 Pass for $8.79 (70% off)

    You have to jump through some hoops to actually get season 2.  I remember calling MSFT about it and the tech didn't even know how.  I figured out you have to download the free sesame street app for your dashboard first, then you can purchase the pass for season 2. Its great though, my kids...
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    Woot (and other) video game shirts

    Just bookmark, it has most of them on one page.
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    Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D $17.99 at Best Buy

    Lag occurs because of the amount /quality of things being processed on screen. Not due to load times. Even NES games had slow down.
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    CompUSA-vita game sale $14.95

    Thinking about getting MvC 3... but I haven't played much of the console version and I suck at it. Haha.
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    H: The Last of Us Survivial Edition Complete W: Wii U Games/Accessories

    Sorry, didn't see anything. And I made a mistake on the RE GC demo, its actually a soundtrack sampler for the movie that had an ad for RE4 GC on the back :-/
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