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    Buy 2 get one free Microsoft Store promo (Save 60$! + 10$ Xbox Gift Card if you choose Titanfall)

    Not looking promising on my end.  Order is still processing, but the charge on my debit card has been reversed. Hoping it was just a hold that timed out due to the long processing, and they'll still ship.
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    Blocked Bidders List

    mattscott1978 This is the message I got from this turd: Can you cancel my bid? I wasn't paying attention for whatever reason and just saw that this was the cover only. I do a lot on here so it's easy to overlook things sometimes...
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    FREE Full-Size CVS Bodywash (on Facebook)

    Thanks OP! The Wife and I each snagged one
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    Blocked Bidders List

    I assume he used the code, is there a way to check the code without redeeming it?
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    Blocked Bidders List

    Alright I got two more for the list: onemanplanet-2013 : Another Deadbeat who needs to be off of ebay ASAP. Look at the feedback and you'll see. aboaldarraj0 : After selling many pre-order codes, I finally got bit by this buyer whom filed a claim against me.
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    Ever had a store error in your favor?

    Yesterday, I got fries at McDonald's, Ordered a medium, and they gave me a large. Awesome thing was....I only paid for a medium....STICK IT TO THE MAN!!!
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    Blocked Bidders List

    Ho-Hum another day, another deadbeat: yoffielevine22
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    Darksiders II - $14.99 PS3 and XBox 360 @ Best

    The Best Buy Limited edition has a Big Yellow Best Buy sticker on the front and a cardboard lenticular cover. They are fairly easy to tell the difference between the two.
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    Best Buy "Upgrade & Save" 1/13/13-2/2/13

    I found that with both HD DVD's and Blu-Ray Trade ins, that if I put them into regular DVD cases they don't seem to care, but the moment they see The "Blu or Maroon" (or whatever the hell the color of HD DVD's are) they get all red-flaggie....
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    (DEAD) Best Buy 2 Day Sale - Taken 2 $12.99 ($7.99 After U&S)

    My local Blockbuster (yes I still have one around, but unfortunately not for much longer) has a ton of $1.00 DVD's. So if you happen to have one close by, might be worth a stop in.
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    Roku 2 XS 1080P Wireless Streaming HD $19 on ebay

    Seems too good to be true...I may bite on this though Edit: Got one anyway, like the OP said..worst case scenario I get my money back from FeeBay.
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    Does Saint's Row the Third Full Package have DLC codes?

    Like the previous post, All of the DLC is on one disc that you install first. Then put in the second disc to play the game with all the DLC. There is an online pass code though
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    Best Buy "Upgrade & Save" 1/13/13-2/2/13

    I was able to trade in 3 dollar tree blu-rays without a problem...most likely YMMV.
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    Blocked Bidders List

    vikesjason Very puzzling one here, buyer has great feedback, sends me a best offer request which I accepted, then proceeded to not pay. Went through the whole unpaid buyer process (with the useless unpaid strike) So very tired of the non-paying bidders, it's a waste of everyone's time
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    Should I fight this eBay buyer? [UPDATED 1/24]

    I would also like to know the ebay user name so I can add to my blocked bidders list
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    27 DEAD in Elementary School shooting in Connecticut

    I just don't understand....I'm angry, sad, frustrated, and want answers that unfortunately I will never get. Senseless doesn't even begin to describe this.
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    Dark Knight Rises Limited Edition back in Stock at Amazon -$39.99

    Thanks OP..was able to snag one...went driving around earlier this week looking for one with no avail..this make it easier
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    Free The Dark Knight Reborn code via CinemaNow

    Also worked for me..good score OP!
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    RIP Rick Majerus

    Very sad, I still Remember that run he had with Utah in 98' Very Enjoyable on ESPN too, Again very sad.
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