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  1. R Pre-Owned Box & Manual Guarantee - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    Go GameStop! Whoever thought of this is a genius and I bet real modest, too. ;-)
  2. R Saver?

    Hey Darkslime, Sounds like a reasonable request. ;) Having worked for EB/GS for a few decades, I would admit to running into an occasional bad egg, but the folks at my local GameStop are very friendly and helpful. Can't speak for yours, but the guys and gals at my local GS are great. I...
  3. R Preorder

    Trikip, March 22 is a Sunday. IMHO, your best best is to pre-order online at and pick up in your local store. Disclaimer: I work for said GameStop and might be a bit biased. ;-) Best, Retro
  4. R Saver?

    Hey Cheapest, Good to hear from you again! The "it'll come complete" coupon is under development and will be available soon. Feel free to make as many Photoshop copies of this coupon as you like. ;) Hope you have a better weekend! Warm Regards, Retro
  5. R Saver?

    Hi Emie, Ooops! The SAVER coupon expired. This has been corrected. Thanks for the heads up. Best Regards, Retro
  6. R

    Question about Edge Card

    Hi All, Correct. Edge Members receive a 10% discount on used games, used accessories and strategy guides. Members also receive a 10% bonus trade credit on games and accessories. I'll make sure is updated with the correct information. Thanks for the heads up. Best, Retro
  7. R Feature Updates

    Guardian, This is another teeth gnasher. We actually removed this feature last year as it was causing some unintended harm. The rarer the game, the bigger the problem. What happened was thousands of folks would sign up to be notified on individual rare games, while we typically only receive...
  8. R Feature Updates

    Hey Rainking, Ooops, that's not right. Our system is always supposed to notify you when an order is cancelled. Shoot me your order number via a private message and I will ask our merchandisers to research the issue so this doesn't happen again. Thanks for the heads up. Best, Retro
  9. R Feature Updates

    Yeah, providing both quality types online would be an issue. We use the manufacturer UPC as the primary identifier and when there are two different SKUs for the same UPC our fulfillment/return process starts to fall apart. Best we will be able to do online in the medium term is to filter out...
  10. R Feature Updates

    Hi JT, Thanks for the feedback. We agree completely and understand this is our biggest problem to fix. Our plan is to guarantee boxes and instructions for all next-gen product starting in Spring 2009. We unfortunatly don't have a way to keep our used inventory separate from the store...
  11. R Feature Updates

    All, A little off-topic, but what content source would you prefer we include on the site for the full-text professional reviews/previews? Do you like IGN, GameSpot or GameInformer content better? Why or why not? Our access to GameInformer content is currently limited, but they've been adding...
  12. R Feature Updates

    Hey Public, Yeah, we gnash our teeth over this one quite a bit. Ultimately, we decided that we really want people to read the body of the professional and customer generated reviews/ratings, which focus on specific features and benefits, as opposed to just relying on a score and potentially...
  13. R Feature Updates

    Guardian, Cool idea--wish we had more space for another databox, without adding another row. I can get you there in two clicks though. Option 1: Click the used tab found in the top navigation bar and then click the "Shop all used games" link. The results will be displayed in bestseller...
  14. R Feature Updates

    Hi All, Everyone agree? Adding this setting to the long-term cookie would be doable and we might even be able to get this change in this year. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for the feedback, Kain! Best, Retro
  15. R Feature Updates

    Hey Demolition, But why stop there... How about a site-wide pop-up for a lifetime Madden subscription? Then you'll NEVER have to worry about us running out or miss out on the amazing "Madden for gerbils" feature to be announced in 2025. Heck, we'll even deliver copies to you after you're dead...
  16. R Feature Updates

    Hi Publiic, That's an awesome idea. We could drop that option right into the filter bar under the "availability" section. i.e. > Within 10 miles of 76034 > Within 20 miles of 76034 > Within 30 miles of 76034 That said, I have no clue what the overhead would be on the search engine as it...
  17. R Feature Updates

    Hey Guardian, Not actually a bug, this is just how the discount system works. As you noticed, the system only applies one discount at a time, so any subsequent discounts are taken off the already reduced price. For example, if you bought a $100 product and happened to be lucky enough to have...
  18. R

    Has anyone tried GameStop's in-store pick-up yet?

    That's correct. The local store gets 100% credit for the sale (but we still get bragging rights online). ;) Best, Retro
  19. R

    If you get a game with case from gamestop/,are they usually in good shape?

    Hey DarkCecil, Until we are able to secure the web stock from the store stock (early next year) it's really down to playing the odds. We recently did an analysis of the stock. 70% came with the original box and cover-art and 60% came with the original instructions. If the original case is...
  20. R Feature Updates

    Hi Cheapest, Sure, the more details you can provide the better. Please send them to [email protected] . Not knowing all the details, I cannot speak for the DM, but regardless I am sorry you had a bad experience. The .01 guides are not intended for sale and our field management team...
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