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    What Systems Do You Own?

    Atari 2600 (VCS CX2600) Atari 5200 (4 port) Sony PlayStation (1st ed. Dual Shock) Sony PS2 "slim"
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    First ever game that you beat

    Ditto on Adventure (Atari 2600) being my first beaten game. My conquest of Ultima III (Apple IIe) in 1984 was much more memorable.
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    Good 4 player games?

    Bombastic supports up to 5 players.
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    Anybody still playing PS2? What games are you playing?

    I'm still an avid PS2 player, waiting for the slimmer, cheaper PS3. Currently playing: SoulCalibur II and III, Bombastic, Tourist Trophy, ToCA 3, RE4, and Q-Ball, to name a few. Q-Ball has to be the best $3 I ever spent on a game.
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    Tourist Trophy - The Real Riding Simulator

    I recently picked this title up for $15 at EB, and I have a question: In 2-player mode, do you ever get to race with street bikes? Or is it always racing bikes only in 2-player battle?
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