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    Xbox Series S/X Re-stock Thread

    A week before Christmas, I caved and bought a series S thinking I'd move it from the den to the basement whenever I got my hands on an X. I just wanted to experience no load times on Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite! I didn't realize how much I NEEDED quick resume, which changed my life...
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    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $1 only !

    Thanks, guys.
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    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $1 only !

    OK, so I just added another 12 months to my membership. When I go to the click the button on the MS site that says upgrade to Ultimate for $1, and I click where it says "More," it still says this: Joining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will upgrade your remaining Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass for...
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    PSN Weekly Deals - 7/12: RePlay Sale! $8 N++, $8 Galak-Z, $8 Everybody's GttR, $4 Loud on Planet X, & More!

    Here, here. Great game. I wanted the new PS4 when I bought mine over the summer, so I picked up TLOU bundle over the Batman bundle. Man was I happy with that purchase.
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    Poll to Change My Gamertag

    I like Greggarious, but I just checked and it's taken.
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    Free Battlefield 4 Legacy DLC pack for PC/XBOne/PS4 starting today

    Got it. Thanks for answering my question!
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    Free Battlefield 4 Legacy DLC pack for PC/XBOne/PS4 starting today

    Question: How does this (and other DLC) work when you have access to the game via EA Access?
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    Xbox One Preview Program Invite Request Thread

    This is me asking for an invite. GT = Kromax44. 
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    Poll to Change My Gamertag

    Back in year one of XBL, I was Kromax. When I locked my account and couldn't get MS to help, I settled for Kromax44, which I hate (the numbers mess it up). As you can see, I've already switched my CAG name to match up with my Twitter name (follow me - @The_2nd_G). Now, it's time to switch my...
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    Xbox One Elite Controller Preorder Available at Best Buy / Amazon

    The only game I'm using alternate thumbsticks for--the smooth ones--is Geometry Wars. For whatever reason, they feel "right" for it.
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    Xbox One CAG Game Night

    Awesome. If anyone wants to add me, my gamertag is in my signature. Also, feel free to add my son. His gamertag is Jurassic Jason. He's much better than me.
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    Xbox One CAG Game Night

    Serious question: Are crappy players permitted? I'm pretty poor at Halo 5, but I'd prefer to play with strangers from CAG than with strangers from stranger places. 
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    Xbox One Elite Controller Preorder Available at Best Buy / Amazon

    Hell yes. The only time I slum it with a stock controller is when I'm eating and playing games at the same time. I don't want potato chip grease on my $150 controller. You make a great point about the brain not cooperating though. You have to muscle through it until it becomes second nature...
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    Fallout 4 Megathread (Xbox One)

    56, and that's with over 4 1/2 days of gameplay (that's how I spent 1 of the 3 weeks of vacation I took in late November). I'm curious how long it took you to get to 62, since I have a feeling, I didn't level up optimally, and that I spent a lot of time exploring early on. Also, did you...
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    What happened to the Xbox One bundle deals?

    If you can spring for the extra cash to buy an Elite, DO IT. The controller alone is awesome. Throw in the 1TB hybrid HD, no-brainer for me if I was in the market for another X1. 
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    Xbox Gamerscore general discussion

    Holy crap, some of these achievement numbers are HUGE. I just passed 30K and I've been on XBL since 2003!
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    Forza Horizon 2 price

    Thanks for the Fight Club reference. Great post.
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    Xbox One Elite Controller Preorder Available at Best Buy / Amazon

    Not yet, but they're definitely coming. It's too easy for third parties to get in on this. Unless there's some MS prohibition, which I doubt, there should be a good variety of add-ons.
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    Xbox One Elite Controller Preorder Available at Best Buy / Amazon

    Thanks for the response. Holding your breath with the left top while zooming with the left trigger sounds interesting. I will try it. Ahhh--gotcha.
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    Xbox 360 games that can be played on the xbox one master list

    You're right of course, but it reminded me of something Shipwreck once said in a CAGCast. What if they programmed it so that you only had to put the game in once per week or something. That's kind of a compromise. Right, I know. It will never happen.
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