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    Club Nintendo Deals ~ New Games Up (11/17-12/14)

    I already have all these games (note I am not complaining), I too am grateful for anything, it is really nice though when they send something physical, maybe their poor sales performance recently has them cutting back? I'm sure mailing out thousands of CDs or statues would be one of the first...
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    Sealed NES game, real?

    Yeah I've realized this is a reseal, the box has some wear on the corners underneath the seal, I'm not blaming the guy at the flea market, I paid $2 for it haha, and this seal looks old so I'm thinking its a real seal from an old video game shop or something, still $2 for a boxed punch out is nice
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    Sealed NES game, real?

    I've read a bunch online about how most NES games you can tell if it's a real seal or not by the H seal, but I got Mike Tysons Punch Out at the Flea market sealed, no H seal, I know right away you think flea market it must be fake, but I also bought from the same seller a bunch of loose NES...
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    PS2 games are 75% off at Gamestop

    Went to two gamestops, both had been picked through. They did have lots of of memory cards.
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    Best Buy Weekly Sale - $15 Payday 2, Ni No Kuni, BF3 Premium, Fire Emblem, New Super Luigi U & More (dead)

    Asked Amazon to price match, you do it through the little box that tells them where the item is cheaper right? Thats what I did.
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    Zelda 3DS XL Limited Edition Set Pre-Order Available At

    I was at walmart around the same time last night and didn't see any. If it's a fluke it was just at the store most likely.
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    Target Clearance Thread XXI (YMMV) [euthanised]

    Wait is this a returned online item? Because I just checked online and my store has them in stock.
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    GameCube & GBA PreOwned Games Now In Stock At Gamestop! 75% Off All GC & GBA Games Discount Now Works Again!

    I got Wind Waker and Super Smash bros, neither worked, so I can just take them to any Gamestop with the packaging invoice and return them correct? Maybe I'll try again next restock, why must they resurface these. 
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