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    Steam Trading Cards Trading Thread

    Hoping we can get this thread rolling again. Steam Summer Adventure Cards 2014 Have: 4, 6 Want: 7
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    Steam/Origin/Desura etc Trade/Sell/Buy Thread

    Looking for one person to do a Zeno Clash II 2-pack.  $7.50.  Message me if interested. Update: Has been claimed.
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    Japanese Niche Games Deals Thread: Atlus, NISA, Aksys, XSeed and More!

    Just bought it (because it's Xseed and only 2 bucks). I'm getting "Login Error". :cry: Anyone else buy it yet? *UPDATE* I tried playing on my Nexus 7, and I didn't get the error.
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    Tomb Raider Preorder Exclusives Comparison Thread

    Looking at my email this morning, I noticed that I pre-ordered the PC version TWICE. :oops: I pre-ordered it at Amazon so long ago that I forgot, and I later ordered it from Green Man Gaming. Too late to cancel now... I guess I'll try to find someone who wants to buy a code off me at a slight...
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    Class of Heroes 2 PSP Physical Signup *2,500 Reached!"

    The music fading in an out is what made me stop playing after about 10 minutes. It's a shame, I love me some Lunar!
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    11/11 Update: Radiant Historia (DS) $16.21 at Amazon -- Prime Eligible

    I was JUST going to place an order then... $29.99. :-(
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    Steam Group Buy and Gift Requests thread

    I'm hosting a Dead Island 4 pack. Looking for two more. PM me if interested. EDIT: Both claimed.
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    Dark Souls pre-orders- free upgrade to collector's edition

    I second Goo Gone. Does wonders.
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    Dark Souls pre-orders- free upgrade to collector's edition

    Yes it did. I guess that should have taken the mystery out of it.
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    Dark Souls pre-orders- free upgrade to collector's edition

    UPS just arrived with my copy of Dark Souls. Luckily it was a Collector's edition.
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    Preorder Xenoblade Chronicles CE for £49.99 at GAME/reg.ed. for £29.95 at thehut

    I preordered from Zavvi before it came out and I still don't have the game. I contacted Zavvi customer support and requested a replacement. I then had to wait for a letter to arrive for me to sign and mail back. It seems I'm never going to play this. The gamble of importing I guess...
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    Best Buy - $100 Gift Card w/160GB PS3 Purchase

    Even if there is to be a price drop soon, it's likely only going to drop by $50. That makes this deal a lot more attractive to me...
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    15% off all games at Meijer all week long + daily deals

    Sony accessories are also 25% off. Purchase with your Meijer card and get another 15% off. I got the Sony Bluetooth remote for $15.93.
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    15% off all games at Meijer all week long + daily deals

    Does anyone know if systems are included in this sale, or is it software only?
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    Piano Black PSP Go for 58.01 (Sam's Club)

    Yes, it is. (Sorry for the late reply.)
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    Piano Black PSP Go for 58.01 (Sam's Club)

    I had some decent luck here in Cincy. Northbend Road location had it for $91 (I passed). I then checked the Kemper Commons Circle location and they had one for $81. The box was opened and had been written on, but I took it anyway. Later, I realized that it was likely an Xmas gift return...
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    Modern Warfare 2 $40 | 360 (Hardened) / PS3 (Regular) @ w/coupon

    Tiger Direct has Modern Warfare 2 for $39.99. Note: the 360 version is the Hardened Edition whereas the PS3 is NOT. Xbox 360 (Hardened Edition) PS3...
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    Bioshock 2 Steam 4-pack Trading/Group Thread

    I'm going to purchase a four pack. Looking for 3 others to partake. PM me if interested. edit:All have been claimed.
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    Micro Center LIVE Point Cards 9.19.2009.

    As of 2PM, the Cincinnati/Sharonville location had: 1600 pt = $9.99 4000 pt = $19.99 I picked up two 4000 pointers using the $50 gift card from my 360 purchase a few weeks ago. As stated by others, they rang up differently than the price stickers. A manager had to override the price; $39.99 ->...
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