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    4K Blu-ray deals & discussion thread

    I may pick up No Time to Die Been keeping an eye on Love and Monsters.  I know the 4K is kind of on sale right now at $15.99 but thought it might go lower on black Friday
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    Playstation 5 Re-stock Thread

    Same for me now. It was ticking down pretty good but now that it has hit 1 min it is just sitting there. Probably sold out but I am going to make it boot me out here :)
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    Playstation 5 Re-stock Thread

    I was hopeful Got on there a minute or two before, got put in the waiting area ( according to the website anyway ), PS5 popped up, added to the cart, then logged in, and saw it wasn't in my cart anymore so tried to re-add it and it is saying it is out of stock now I figured it might be next...
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    Playstation 5 Re-stock Thread

    I'm kind of going into this has, if I get a PS5 now that would be great but if not then I can probably wait until the upcoming year when there are more of them available.  I have a pretty good size backlog with some long games in there There are a few games for PS5 but it just seems like ( no...
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    Gamefly BF Sale: Marvels Avengers, Tony Hawk 1+2, Mafia Definitive Edition $19.99 each free shipping PS4/XB1 and More

    I'm in the same boat as well. Feel like that game will go down more, $9.99 soon. It hasn't been out that long and it is already at $19.99
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    GameFly Used Deals (repeats): Ryse/Last of Us/NFS Rivals X1/Killzone $25 & More

    Thanks, I still have plenty in my back log to keep me going until then :)
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    GameFly Used Deals (repeats): Ryse/Last of Us/NFS Rivals X1/Killzone $25 & More

    Anybody know if Beyond Two Souls is worth for that price?  Been thinking about picking it up, but I keep thinking it will go down farther
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    Lots of Movie Deals @ Amazon $3.99 Blu's, $10 Tripple Features, $14.99 3D Blu's, etc

    Some nice deals, I think I am going to pick up Walking Dead S2 (Blu) and Titanic 3D from Amazon. I'll pick up Walking Dead S1 (Blu Special Edition) from Best Buy ($16.99). Amazon didn't price match Walking Dead S1 (Blu Special Edition), submitted the price to Amazon. Maybe they will match
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    Supernatural S5, S6 for $20 each at Best Buy

    Also, Smallville Blu-Ray S9 and S10 are $19.99, lowest, I have seen S10 for
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    You Saved Fringe! - Fringe S 1-3 Sale Blu ($21 S1, 2, 3) DvD ($16 S1, 2, 3) WBshop

    They are having sales on other tv shows as well, Supernatural and Smallville ($20.99). I know this is off topic from Fringe, which is a great show. The deals from Supernatural aren't as good as the Best Buy deals, but it isn't bad
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    Dead Island $19.99 @ Gamestop

    I"ll probably go to GS tomorrow and pick one up. It is part of their Spring Sale they are having so it should be available tomorrow, too
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    MLB 12 The Show PS3 + Vita @ Gamestop - $79.99

    I'd still be surprised if Amazon doesn't price match. With the article coming out from Sony and everybody else honoring the deal
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    MLB 12 The Show PS3 + Vita @ Gamestop - $79.99

    Me, too. I bet they will eventually. I have some credit I need to use on Amazon and would like to use it on this
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    Catherine (Xbox or PS3) $29.99

    Thanks, but I am probably going to wait until another Gamefly sale when it is less than $20. Again, Thanks, though
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    FF XIII (PS3/X360) $14.99 Just Cause 2 (PS3/X360) $14.99 Newegg

    Amazon price matched the FFXIII price it is $14.99. Just wanted to let everybody know
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    Lost: The Complete Colllection 36-discs (Blu-Ray or DVD) $99

    Wow and I thought when I picked it up on Black Friday it was a good price. Definitely a must buy at that price
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    Movie and TV show deals at

    Does it include ship to store? It doesn't really matter to me, though. I was just wondering
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    LOST - Complete Collection Blu-Ray $129.99 Amazon Lightning Deal NOW

    Gosh, I am going to have A LOT coming in from Amazon next week
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    (DEAD) Thor/Captain America Blu-Ray $15.99 at Amazon

    Glad I waited, too. Almost picked up one for $19.99.
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    singularity (ps3/360) 15.99 with free shipping @ newegg

    Actually, I am probably going to wait until it goes down to $10. I have a feeling it is going to hit that price on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I have a pretty big backlog right now anyway
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