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  1. Steggy

    H: Guardians of the Galaxy Series Xbox One W: $45 PayPal or Venmo.

    Is the 3ds xl what is available and bumped? PM me - interested.
  2. Steggy

    FS/FT: MLB The Show 17 Stubs or Players?

    Up. Also would trade if someone prefers that option?
  3. Steggy

    FS/FT: MLB The Show 17 Stubs or Players?

    Hello, If against policy please let me know. Invested some money into a quality diamond dynasty team in MLB The Show 17. Classes are starting up for me now and I do not have as much time to play online as I did a month ago. Looking to sell either the players or sell the players on the auction...
  4. Steggy

    The 12th Annual CAG March Madness Contest - Entries Now Live until Tipoff on 3/17!

    Joined as bracket name Bo knows... Baby mama drama
  5. Steggy

    The 11th Annual CAG March Madness Contest - Sign-ups Open Until March 19 @ 12:15 PM ET

  6. Steggy

    lock/delete please

  7. Steggy


    Looking for a Share if someone can host. Looking for one or two spots.
  8. Steggy

    [H] New Super Mario Bros U + Super Luigi U (sealed) [W] PayPal

    Is this available, and if so, can you drop the price? PM me if interested in selling soon. Thanks!
  9. Steggy

    FS/FT : PS2 Fat w/ HDD & PSP Slim & $35 Nintendo eShop Cards

    bump adding nintendo eshop codes. instant delivery available.
  10. Steggy

    30% Off Strategy Guides @ Amazon (WORKS on Pre-Orders!)

    Thanks this worked perfectly for the Zelda LBW collectors guide I NEEDED! Compliments the $25 American Express statement credit I received for ordering the Zelda complete hardcover guide set. Not usually one for liking guides, but for some reason the hardcover Zelda's were always a good read...
  11. Steggy

    30% Off Strategy Guides @ Amazon (WORKS on Pre-Orders!)

    Man this tempts me to pickup the Zelda hardcover collection... must resist...
  12. Steggy

    Larryface Tradelist

    PM Sent
  13. Steggy

    Costco Bundle $479.99 for PS4

    Did anyone that got in on ordering a PS4 actual get an indication that the order went through, or does your order status still say Order Received? Same question goes for anyone that might have peordered a Xbox 1 Through them. Thanks
  14. Steggy

    PS4 games for sale

    Wasn't Injustice delayed.....
  15. Steggy

    CAG PSN Gamesharing #7 - Find/Create a Gameshare Group and Gameshare FAQ

    Hey I am interested in a phantom of WWE 2k14 if you can get one going, please let me know thrush PM and i cold pay right away.
  16. Steggy

    ESPN Fantasy Football Leauge

    What is the trade rules for this league? Is it 24 hr commissioner accept? Was looking to start a few players this week and shake things up. 
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