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  1. Eltis

    Anyone have any of the House of the Dead games for Wii?

    Pretty sure I bought both brand new and I take great care of my stuff, so it's almost a certainty that they are complete and in excellent condition.
  2. Eltis

    Anyone have any of the House of the Dead games for Wii?

    I have both. I could do $20 plus a few bucks for shipping. I may even still have the comic that came with Overkill.
  3. Eltis

    Has anyone used

    The certificates are valued at substantially less than their face value. You can find them at 80% off almost all the time and sometimes more (I usually buy when they are like $1 for a $25 certificate). They often work, but can be a hassle. The worst thing is many establishments just up and...
  4. Eltis

    The Macho Man Randy Savage Wrestling Memorial Thread

    Anyone else notice that Cole no-sold the stunner?
  5. Eltis

    2011 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs - Boston Wins!

    I suppose it's questionable. Looked pretty bad to me though.
  6. Eltis

    2011 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs - Boston Wins!

    Thank you, Sharks, for winning one at home. That major cost 2 goals, but man... what a hit.
  7. Eltis

    2010-2011 NBA Season Thread

    2 for 20 3-pt shooting. And those two were at the very end of the game after they were dead and buried. 9 of 20 free throws missed. Artest ejected (and will be suspended for game 3). Easily one of the worst games the Lakers have played this season. I would have been angry if I paid to watch...
  8. Eltis

    The "New Clique" Wrestling Thread

    OK, I'm like 6 pages late here, but do me a favor and lay off. I actually like that he posts the recaps here in this thread. I have 2 kids - ages zero and two. I'll be damned if I can watch anything when I want to. So it's nice to be able to read and catch up on what I missed in the very...
  9. Eltis

    W: Pokemon Rumble U Figures, Skyward Sword Amiibo, AC Amiibo Cards, NES Classic, Firewatch PS4, Xbox Live! H: PAYPAL, Nintendo, and more!

    I'd trade my Super SF IV for Plants VS Zombies. PM me if interested please.
  10. Eltis

    Free Redbox Rental - FEB7MOVIE - Exp 11:59 CST 2/7/11

    Just tried it and it worked. Thank you very much!
  11. Eltis

    Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes (DS) 9.99$ bestbuy

    Fantastic game and the touch controls on the DS work perfectly for this genre. Not to mention the portability. I bought it for $20 and it was worth every penny. $10 is a steal.
  12. Eltis

    Any Cheap Ass Parents Here? The CheapAssParenting Thread!

    I was like "What? I never said that" and I looked back and my post and sure enough, I did. Poor choice of words on my part. Second post clears it up, but I do need to call myself out on the original goof. I feel bad that this is what was available to you. That's why I spent a good paragraph...
  13. Eltis

    Any Cheap Ass Parents Here? The CheapAssParenting Thread!

    I don't know what kind of daycare you put your first into, but ours has trained professionals that teach new vocabulary, activities, and songs every day, have an amazing play yard beyond anything we have at home, and most importantly friends his age he can interact with. He met a "best friend"...
  14. Eltis

    Any Cheap Ass Parents Here? The CheapAssParenting Thread!

    Back on topic, my wife and I have a 2 year old with another hatching in January. Putting the little guy in daycare was hard, but as others have mentioned, it is essential for their social development. As good of a father as you are, you can't substitute the social environment they get from...
  15. Eltis

    Want: GTA V PS3 - Have: Paypal.

    Sending PM.
  16. Eltis

    Question about Avatar won't play on my ps3.

    I had that same model of PS3 (it has since died and been replaced) and rented Avatar from Netflix. Had no problems. If other BRs work and you are sure it is updated, my best guess is there is a problem with the disc.
  17. Eltis

    GameStop 15% off 2 games $49.99+

    Code is DEAL15. For now, the URL is: Bought a copy of Starcraft 2 for my wife and I. Ended up being $51 each plus tax. SAVER did stack. Good luck out there.
  18. Eltis

    2009-2010 NBA Thread

    You sir, deserve today's "non retard" medal for actually being able to form an impartial opinion. /salute Me too. As a general rule, I don't like it a whole lot because it interrupts play (3 in a row?). However, this situation was particularly egregious because of the rule that says that...
  19. Eltis

    Gamestop: Buying Used Online

    I ordered Super Street Fighter IV (360) and it came mint and complete. I was actually a little bit shocked. There really isn't any way to give you a reasonable percentage other than your chance of missing/damaged items goes up as the target age demographic goes down.
  20. Eltis

    2009-2010 NBA Thread

    I just want to say Big Baby has redeemed the NBA just a bit in my eyes. In a world where acting skills often play a more important role than actual court skills, it's a refreshing change of pace. Here you've got a guy who just got brutally cracked in the face with an elbow. Suffers a...
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