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  1. AlbinoNinja

    [FINISHED] Cheap Ass Gamer $10,000+ GameStop Gift Card Giveaway

    quite a few comments here, eh?
  2. AlbinoNinja

    CAG Buzz: Akysys Games' From the Abyss (DS) and Battle Fantasia (360) Giveaways!

    From the Abyss (DS) Entry Questions: What are some of the key elements that you look for in a Action RPG title? The controls and gameplay have to be tight. If the controls aren't responsive, or if the gameplay isn't smooth, a game with a lot of potential will completely fall apart. Also...
  3. AlbinoNinja

    "Then one day you are w" OTT

    Alright, cool. That's all I really needed to know...
  4. AlbinoNinja

    "Then one day you are w" OTT Shit, how about now?
  5. AlbinoNinja

    "Then one day you are w" OTT

    I just bought an awesome Russian shirt from a vendor at Union Square. They told me the shirt is basically saying "read more", but I wanna make sure that's right before I look like an ass. Anyone able to read Russian?
  6. AlbinoNinja

    CAGcast #131: A Monstrous Choice

    Nice show guys. It made running errands today a lot more bearable, but I have a few comments about your Wii topics: Wombat sort of dodged the Lucasarts controversy by saying he felt no sympathy for the company based on something completely unrelated. Nintendo really screwed over their third...
  7. AlbinoNinja

    CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

    -Cheapy A few friends and I are going to a friend's party next week and there will be karaoke. Since you're an expert, I was wondering if there were some tips/song choices you could give to an aspiring amateur. And congrats Wombat!
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    A cornered Fox is more DANGEROUS than a Jackal! GGT #55

    But it's too good. If I play a sequel before the original game, I can't go back to the original. All I think is "damn, the camera in this sucks" or "I wish the enemies crawled at me and exploded." Screw it. I'll give in once I finish GTA...
  9. AlbinoNinja

    A cornered Fox is more DANGEROUS than a Jackal! GGT #55

    just played the Ninja Gaiden II demo... good idea or bad idea to pick up Ninja Gaiden Black on Xbox originals?
  10. AlbinoNinja

    what OTHER podcasts do you listen to?

    Lotsa NPR Stuff Geeknights Fast Karate for the Gentleman WNYC Radio Lab TWIT 60 Minutes SModCast
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    Why are games fun? (Serious research topic inside)

    Games can represent a quick and always reachable challenge in an otherwise mundane world. I remember a day at work where I was particularly happy, not because anything interesting happened, or I had any real reason to be there, but because I knew once the day was over I could go back to playing...
  12. AlbinoNinja

    I can't decide whether or not to get a laptop, EEE PC or a Mac

    OP, I'm in the same boat you're in right now. My major doesn't involve content creation, so a mac isn't a necessity, but I've heard horror stories from college (All three of my siblings had laptops that crapped out by their senior year). However, I've heard good things about Mac customer...
  13. AlbinoNinja

    GGT #47 Hates Halo

    I keep getting distracted from GTA4 by Astro Boy for the game boy advance...
  14. AlbinoNinja

    CAGcast #115: The Beta is Not a Chicken

    Even before it was brought up, I was thinking a money scale would be most fitting for CAG, but at this point I don't really care how Cheapy does it. However, I would recommend a conclusion system where some questions are answered succinctly. For example: How many hours of gameplay did you get...
  15. AlbinoNinja

    Surprisingly fun games that you didnt expect much from

    off the top of my head, i thought of: Mario Tennis (GBC) N+ (XBLA) Jedi Power Battles (DC)
  16. AlbinoNinja

    Contest (CAGcast #110) Win Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom (360)

    I left the curling iron on when I went on vacation to Guatemala.
  17. AlbinoNinja

    What podcasts do you listen to?

    Geeknights (Topics range from Technology, to Games, to Anime, and they update 4 times a week) Dave and Joel's Fast Karate for the Gentlemen (Just making fun of anime/video games) WNYC Radio Lab This American Life Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
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