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    Megaman Battle Network 5 Double Team and Dragon Quest V Hand of the Heavenly Bride DS $24.99 at Gamestop. Reprint.

    Thanks for the thoughtful and straight-forward response. I was a little sheepish about even posting my question because I assumed there was a good chance it was going to launch a flame war. I've always hoped someday I might be able to get in on something like what Gamestop is doing with SE but...
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    Megaman Battle Network 5 Double Team and Dragon Quest V Hand of the Heavenly Bride DS $24.99 at Gamestop. Reprint.

    Excuse my ignorance, but where is this "SE" and how might an entrepreneurial individual gain access to bid against Gamestop?
  3. chosen1s

    The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wii U Limited Edition Bundle - Pre-Order

    So - was the lady at Gamestop lying to me today when she was pitching the Zelda bundle and claimed that once they were sold out that was it? It doesn't seem unusual for Nintendo to mass-produce even their "Limited editions" (Ahem, Mario All-Stars), but historically I can't think of a "Zelda"...
  4. chosen1s

    is this doctor wrong? If you cut off blood supply to the colon wouldnt it die?

    Same as Starmask - sorry to hear about your grandfather. Additionally, I am not medically trained in any way, though I do have an abnormal number of friends in the Medical profession. I completely agree with your logic, and all I can say is that somehow they must be able to detach it from the...
  5. chosen1s

    New Best Buy Clearance Starting 3/17 (YMMV in Stores)- LIVE ONLINE NOW!

    Anybody else had trouble with Kirby Mass Attack? I found it in stock in a store I was in but priced at $29.99. They looked online and of course only has the used version listed. They said since its not on the site they can't adjust price. Anybody else have this issue or know how to...
  6. chosen1s

    TRU Buy Just Dance 3 get 50% off ANY game including CE's & some Preorders

    Not a deal that works for me but wanted to say thanks to the OP for taking the time to post. That's a pretty sweet deal if I was looking for some of those games.
  7. chosen1s

    Best Buy Trade-in Thread 2.0: Please see new thread.

    I want in as well.
  8. chosen1s

    KmartGamer 6.0 - Gears of War 3 $20 coupon + Save $30 on 12 Month XBLA

    Wow - really? So, if I understand this correctly, all the Clearance games I saw at KMart last week are going to stay at that clearance price for the next 2-3 months without additional drops? Or will they continue to stair-step down, but no "additional" games will be added to clearance...
  9. chosen1s

    Netflix questions

    That's a good follow-up question. As a recent Netflix convert, I like the service but only because my wife and I are not terribly picky about our movies (we don't generally HAVE TO SEE whatever movie just released on DVD). That being said, I will say that the library of movies available via...
  10. chosen1s

    I'm pretty sure I'm an idiot-can anyone confirm?

    Ha ha ha ha!!! I have no idea how I missed this video until now...Thanks for posting - that made my night!!! I agree with the assessment that the OP should sell the first two 360's and use the money towards the Slim. I would add to it that if you keep an eye out there will surely be a sweet...
  11. chosen1s

    The Blockbuster/Gamerush Thread XXIV - 5 for $20 on $9.99 and under Blu-Rays

    I thought I'd weight in on the BBV/Netflix conversation: 1) Watching corporations over the years, especially "Great" ones like Southwest Airlines and Tivo - I find a typical progression that every corporation goes through. They start out generous, with phenomenal customer service and deals...
  12. chosen1s

    [UPDATE] Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition (Wii) Reprint - $29.99 [3/13/11]

    I am going to bump the previous responder's question - where does one go to get these type of production numbers?
  13. chosen1s

    [UPDATE] Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition (Wii) Reprint - $29.99 [3/13/11]

    I agree with the snes graphics taking away from the true nostalgia. Aldo, at the rate these are being "re-released" you will surely have many more options to hand down to your kids. In terms of production, does anybody know what the production run will be on this one? I realize that's a rather...
  14. chosen1s

    Marriage and Gaming

    For those who turned this into a marriage/living together thread, I didn't live with my wife before we got married and am glad we did it that way. We are both Christians and believe that this is the wisest way - as a result our decision was part of our mutual faith and the it drew us closer to...
  15. chosen1s

    Where the hell is my order

    At least Gamestop will ship to you. They cancel my order every time I order from them. Somehow I got on their "blackball list" (confirmed by Customer Service). They won't tell me how, why, or how to get off it...
  16. chosen1s

    Super Mario All-Stars (Wii) - 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Discussion

    That's a really good point. I have almost NO faith in any claim of short print runs, etc because nearly every high-dollar game these days gets a reprint (and either I'm completely out of the loop - fairly likely - or they do it quietly and don't announce it). However, Nintendo HAS done short...
  17. chosen1s

    $20-35 Hotel/Motels?

    itlnstln had the best advice. Go to Hotwire, and their starting price is your "safe" price (you know you can get a hotel/motel for that price). Then go to Priceline and bid under the Hotwire price and see what you get. I have no experience with but it sounds like it could...
  18. chosen1s

    IPhone Tethering - Legal?

    Interesting information, thanks everyone who posted. I have never unlocked my phone or used tethering, but have heard a lot about it and wondered how it works.
  19. chosen1s

    IPhone Tethering - Legal?

    I'm of course talking about the jailbreak version, not the monthly fee tethering. Anybody know if it's legal and if AT&T has penalties for tethering? I searches the forums and did not find the topic, but apologize if it already exists. Thanks!
  20. chosen1s

    Official Kmart Clearance Thread

    I don't think it's a conspiracy against CAG, but I DO think CAG has probably made itself known to the world at this point (along with FW). As a result these companies are realizing the value to themselves of beingore savvy about their clearance behavior. They're more picky about what gets...
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