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    Target Clearance Thread XXI (YMMV) [euthanised]

    I was at that store yesterday and picked up 4 Vita memory cards, 3 x 4GB & 1 x 8GB for $5.00 each. Was hoping to find a 32GB but no luck.
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    Wii U - General Discussion Thread

    Frisco, Tx Target as of 3:30 today had 3 basics on the shelf and 2 delux in back of electronics dept. If you want one now and live in DFW area I would check it out. 121 & preston
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    The Wii U Pre-Order Thread - $349.99/$299.99 - 11/18/12

    Good Choice! I got the 8GB version and honestly I prefer the Wii U in white! Anyways, I installed a 2TB WD USB HDD I had and now have around 1860GB. Get it and enjoy! :)
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    The Wii U Pre-Order Thread - $349.99/$299.99 - 11/18/12

    Checked out local walmart (Frisco, TX) after church today at around 12:30 and found a lone 8GB Wii U in case. Salesguy said it was found in back stockroom 10 minutes before I arrived. :) Needless to say, I scooped it up in a hurry! Went to local Target after Wii U score and picked up Batman...
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    Nintendo 3DS XL - $179.99 Sunday (8/19) only at Fry's Electronics

    Got the last blue 3DS XL at local Fry's in Dallas area, all 4 stores sold out! There is a glitch in their inventory system at least here in Dallas. Online says they have in stock, they don't!
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    GameStop: $100 trade in credit on 3DS to upgrade to 3DS XL!

    Local Gamestop allowed people to buy 3DS XL, take it home then transfer what you want to new system then return "old" 3DS for the $100.00 trade in credit. I ended up tracking down the last 3DS XL (blue) at a local Fry's and got it for $179.99! :D This was a one-day deal for today only...
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    Fry's Ads 5/18-24: Anniversary Sale

    ..I stop by Fry's almost daily while on my work route here in Dallas! :p
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    ...I picked up the Fable 3 CE today (Target Montford & LBJ) for $19.xx, only had one tho. Also picked up DAU PS3 for $14.xx at the Target by DFW at 121 yesterday. Other than that, not much out there. Merry Christmas & Happy Hunting everyone! :)
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    Target Clearance Thread XVII

    ...Same here at 2 different Targets in the Dallas area a few weeks ago, most I see now are in the $40.00+ range. :)
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    Fallout 3 Collectors Edition -- $40 (PS3) -- $35 (360)

    I picked up 2 sealed lunch box collector sets (Fallout PS3) at a out of the way Walmart in East Texas area about 2 months ago for $15.xx each! :O Gave one to a neighbor. like you said tho, YMMV. Might be worth the trip, mine were clearly marked clearance with a big red sticker.
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    Target Clearance Thread XVII

    Allen, TX. (mcdermott & 75) Target, picked up Bioshock 2 Special Edition box for the 360 today for $17.48. Pleasantly shocked to find this set so cheap! Only one set tho.
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    Target Clearance Thread XVI

    ...Yea, I picked up the 360 version of DIRT 2 for $14.xx about 1 month ago at Target (Dallas) by Love Field. Only had one copy tho so of course i got it! :D
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    Awarded by seniority - Up for grabs 2 coupons for free blockbuster gaming rentals.

    Sorry I missed this, I would have won for sure! THX anyways, OP
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    ID check when buying M-rated game at Target?

    ...My apologies if I offended anyone. I guess what I meant was years ago there was no one saying Happy Holidays, Everywhere you went or people you talked to said Merry Christmas and didn't think twice about offending anyone or getting sued. Call me old fashioned (46 years old) Guess its a sign...
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    Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (Xbox 360)

    ...same here except mine was PS3 version! :)
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    ID check when buying M-rated game at Target?

    ...exactly my thoughts. Big Brother has no business knowing what, where or how many of something I buy. I have no problem showing my ID but that is where I put my foot down and call for the MGR. Who knows where that info on your ID might end up sometime down the road. Think ID theft, GRR...
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    The NEW How Old are you Thread of How Old Are you?

    I'm 46 going on 18! :)
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    Buy a Xbox 360 Arcade, Get $100 Credit: Deal Extended to Those Who Cancelled

    THX to original OP of this Wal-Mart deal. I picked up a 2nd Arcade at local WM this morning, Guy said everywhere was out but their store got 2 in this morning. Anyways, used $100.00 gift card toward a big stainless outdoor grill the wife has been wanting. Keep Momma happy & and all is well! :)
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    Target Blu-Ray AS IS

    Yea, not isolated but rare. I have found several BR and HD DVDs in the past at different Targets at the $7.xx price point. :) Welcome to GAC!! :)
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    What kind of milk do you drink?

    2%, would like to move to 1% one day. Gotta watch fat and cholesterol now that I'm 45. :(
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