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  1. WildWop

    PS3 slim lost HDMI output

    Dumb question, but did you then go back into the video settings (viewing thru composite) to change your display to HDMI? My Slim required that I hook up composite first, then switch to HDMI thru the settings menus. Real annoying since my TV doesn't even have composite inputs, so I had to drag...
  2. WildWop

    Win a PS3 Slim & Watchmen Blu-ray From Goozex

    Goozex name: Wildwop
  3. WildWop

    Street Fighter IV - Gen Discussion & Info

    If you feel that Blanka is imbalanced to other characters, why do you torture yourself and keep playing with him? Continuing to play with him in that circumstance isn't going to change the nature of the imbalance, so it's not exactly going to go away anytime soon...
  4. WildWop

    Call of Duty: World at War - Gen. Disc. & Info

    0 - point achievements related to Prestige level. First one at Prestige 1, second one at Prestige 10 or something
  5. WildWop

    Universal Remote - Too Universal?

    The 360 responds to the same signals as a media center remote... so long as they're in the same IR range any PC running Media Center (with an IR receiver, which I'd guess is built into your laptop) and the Xbox will respond to the same commands...
  6. WildWop

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - 'Ultimate Sith Edition' Coming Holiday 2009

    I remember this was in an ad for the US as well... I think it was sent out via email in July or August, which I deleted since I didn't anticipate getting this game back then...
  7. WildWop

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - 'Ultimate Sith Edition' Coming Holiday 2009

    I second that. You definitely can't just wail away on the [second boss] on Hard... if you're in close for more than 2 or 3 swings you get rocked for about 1/3 health (I had fully upgraded health and damage mitigation...) and blown backwards. If you're really lucky, you might get blown...
  8. WildWop

    Getting Hot and Heavy With GGT #76

    Guilty Gear X2 #Reload (bonus that it's now one of the downloadable ones on XBLM) or Street Fighter Anniversary
  9. WildWop

    XBLA - Schizoid - 800pts - 7/9

    Agreed... for some reason whenever I lose a life in Uberschizoid mode I involuntarily produce an "ugh" sound. It's like someone punched me in the brain, or something. Can't wait to try local co-op
  10. WildWop

    XBLA - Rez HD - 800pts

    The designer that worked on the Tutorial mode is probably frowning into his beer right now and feeling underappreciated.
  11. WildWop

    It's Official - Vegas Thursdays are HERE!

    You're spot-on there, except that when you play the first level in Mexico it forces you to sit there for a silent chopper ride for 2-3 minutes. And there's no checkpoints like there are in SP
  12. WildWop

    Rainbow Six: Vegas - Gen. Discussion & Info

    Same here. Don't know exactly how much hermit action i'll be doing this weekend, but i'm definitely up for this at some point. Feel free to shoot me invites, i'll make room (got a bunch of homebrew beer to get through before it goes bad anyway)
  13. WildWop

    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Clan Interest

    I'm in if this ever materializes... just finished the SP on Elevated last night so I'm ready to switch and do a lot of MP.
  14. WildWop

    Rainbow Six: Vegas - Gen. Discussion & Info

    I agree. That achievement is awful. I also don't like the "complete all the t-hunt maps in splitscreen". Why are they specifying i have to do it splitscreen? I should think it'd be enough to complete all the t-hunt maps online.
  15. WildWop

    Which do I get: R6 Vegas or Lost Planet?

    I'll probably be going through story co-op when my friend gets his copy in the mail. I'll shoot you a message when I do.
  16. WildWop

    Which do I get: R6 Vegas or Lost Planet?

    By and large the R6 community is pretty solid. Even your average squealing preteen is pretty sane, by comparison. It's telling that I have yet to convince any friends to buy R6, but I still play it 90% of the time I play my 360, all of that online. It's got a nice multi-level vibe to its...
  17. WildWop

    Wii - sharing game saves via SD card

    Can you create more than one Elebits save? I heard there is a problem with saves sometimes cannot transfer, but not always. Like two of the three Zelda saves on my friend's Wii could transfer, but the other could not. Perhaps dupe the save in-game if you can, then try and transfer it?
  18. WildWop

    Fight night round 4??

    It's possible that it won't be released until sometime in 2008. Remember, there was a two-year gap in between 2 and 3, and there's a reason EA didn't go with their standard naming (e.g. Tiger Woods 2007) -- it's not a guaranteed yearly release.
  19. WildWop

    Rainbow Six: Vegas - Gen. Discussion & Info

    It's so strange that MS didn't put clan support into the default XBL API... making devs jump through hoops to create their own clan function means we end up with "edit your prefix" as a "feature". Meh. At least this way I'm not tempted to encourage a CAG clan. Much.
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