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  1. TomCloud9

    Dead Space 2 -- Discussion

    I love the game so far. I have hit a game killing glitch in chapter 13 the door hack is missing! So make a few extra saves don't just overwrite the sameone like I did.
  2. TomCloud9

    Have: XboxLive12Mo-($37), GS $25GC-($22)

    pmed bump
  3. TomCloud9

    # 1 Must See Horror Flick for Halloween

    High Tension great movie.
  4. TomCloud9

    Recommend me a good Car Scratch Remover

    I used to detail cars, and from past encounters you should go to a body shop and have it fixed. If you put touch paint it will look ten times worse than what u got now. Touch up paint is for only for very tiny chips, and still looks bad.
  5. TomCloud9

    Want: Xbox RB2 20 free song download code

    I pmed you the code if you get extra share with the other person please.
  6. TomCloud9

    Halo Wars - Gen. Discussion & Info

    Each level has one skull one black box, a par time, co-op to do for each level.
  7. TomCloud9

    Looking for 48 hour XBL codes...

  8. TomCloud9

    Any WV CAGs Out There?

    I grew up in mingo county, Graduated and move to columbus ohio. GO WVU
  9. TomCloud9

    Target Clearance Thread X

    The target on West Broad St in Columbus Ohio, has a ton of the Guitar Hero face plates @ 3.++ per. A few PS3 games for 15 mostly sports games. Naruto? for 360 @ 30 Viva Pinata @15. This is just what I scene yesterday.
  10. TomCloud9

    Any suggestions for free virus removal programs?

    Anti vir avg both free
  11. TomCloud9

    Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack Code Giveaway

    The maps are great. I think broadcast is my fav so far.
  12. TomCloud9

    Got a copy

    I got a copy thanks Cager's
  13. TomCloud9

    CAG Xbox Live Gaming Group (Gamertags, Clans, Game Nights & More)

    Add TomCloud9 to the list just got a 360, I play alot of COD4, Halo 3, Rock Band.
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