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  1. Midgar

    $50 off any Xbox One console or bundle: 11/2/14 - 1/3/15

    Do you know if you need to bring the Xbox in with you to PM or just the receipt?
  2. Midgar

    Battlefield 4 (PS4) - $19.99 + tax + free shipping

    Grabbed one, thanks for the heads up. 
  3. Midgar

    Free Destiny Beta codes / Destiny beta is now FREE to download

    I have 2x Playstation 3 (Americas) destiny beta FNLB-EBN7-RBL? 6EM?-8TND-CK2H ? = comes after 7 but before 9
  4. Midgar

    Halo Reach: Wheel of Halo Contest - Winners Posted!

    Halo Reach! Woooo
  5. Midgar

    [FINISHED] Cheap Ass Gamer $10,000+ GameStop Gift Card Giveaway

    That is a lot of gift cards!
  6. Midgar

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 - $29.99 (PS3/Wii), $39.99 (Xbox360) @

    To be honest I had trouble with it in the beginning. Once I got past the water stage I had a lot more fun with it. Also I tried to add PS3 version into the cart and it said they didn't have anymore.
  7. Midgar

    infamous (PS3) & Red Faction (360) $45 starts 7/19 at Toys R Us

    I purchased both of these and loved them. Def a great price.
  8. Midgar

    SFIV SE Stick available (, In Stock

    Just picked one up for the PS3
  9. Midgar

    GameStop Buy 2, Get 1 Free Used Games (10/17-10/24) + $500 in Gift Cards Giveaway!

    wow I missed it last time. I would be in for Kingdom Hearts 2, Shadow of the Colossus, and Mercs 2
  10. Midgar

    The Official LBP BETA IS OVER

    same here, I have tried so many of these to get a code.
  11. Midgar

    Little Big Planet Beta Codes

    Well it has a Blu-Ray player, if you do not have one of those it is great to have I love mine. at the TGS this year Sony is announcing a huge list of upcoming games, There are a great number of games already out that are Sony exclusives like MGS, Uncharted, and Resistance. And finally trophies...
  12. Midgar

    Contest is over...Winner has been announced!

    Link all the way
  13. Midgar

    Contest is over...congrats to depascal22!

    Bionic commando has been my favorite so far, It gave me a really good feeling of nostalgia while being an awesome and sometime frustrating game. Great music too.
  14. Midgar

    Amazon Lightning Deal (10am Pacific): Final Fantasy IV for DS $26

    Just got one, awesome deal. I was just thinking about getting this yesterday and almost payed 40 at Best Buy.
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