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  1. Walt Jay

    CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

    Hey guys, No question from me, but I did want to lend my support to Cheapy's School Lunch Team.  I'm in the same situation with my son and when I look at the school lunch menu, there's no way I can compete.  If I make him lunch, I'm limited to food that won't spoil if it's not refridgerated and...
  2. Walt Jay

    CAGcast #354: Monkey Xbox Ninja Andy Serkis

    Happy birthday Ship and good show.  I think Nintendo is really behind the 8ball, but at least they have the cash to fail for quite awhile.  I don't know if Sony has that luxury.  Good thing the PS4 has been well-received.   I would like to a copy of Jazzpunk. Thanks.
  3. Walt Jay

    GameFly PC Sales: Indies, Bioshock Infinite $11, Daily 2k Flash Deals

    They've done that to me twice in a row. It only take a couple minutes, but it is annoying having to call-in every time I make a digital purchase.
  4. Walt Jay

    CAGcast #336: Fine Feathered Friends

    I was surprised Wombat didn't pounce on that comment. He was probably still laughing at his feathered leather pouch. ;) Also, I'd like a Volgarr code, if there are any left. Thanks!
  5. Walt Jay

    CAGcast #329: This Is Your Next Podcast

    To everyone (myself included) that wants to get rid of the explicit ads due to kids in the house, here's how you do it (thanks to @XboxSupport): Log into LIVE Navigate to Settings > Privacy Click Change Settings Click Customize Go down to Content > Filtering Change to Family Now it's all...
  6. Walt Jay

    CAGcast #329: This Is Your Next Podcast

    Good show guys.  I thought the exact same thing when I saw the zombie movie ad on the Dashboard.  I had to do the ol' "hey a pink elephant!" trick to get my son to divert his attention elsewhere.  I have the same issue with On Demand where they run commercials for Expendables 2 or Half-Naked...
  7. Walt Jay

    Win Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds (360) from CAG

    No whammy no whammy stop!
  8. Walt Jay

    CAGcast #305: The Shipwreck Shopping Hotline

    Nice show guys. Cheapy's Hitman impressions give me hope as a long time Hitman fan. After seeing all the Walmart BF Riot videos, I'm glad I stuck with all online deals with Amazon and MS. Also, the $10 MS Store game deal has the be the favorite for Deal of the Year.
  9. Walt Jay

    [CLOSED] FBI's Previous Lowballs Reference Thread

    Sid Meier's CIVILIZATION V SPECIAL EDITION $6 KINECT SPORTS: SEASON TWO DLC - $1 God of War III Strategy Guide - $2 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots - $2 The Legend of Zelda : Spirit Tracks Gold-Trimmed HARDCOVER Collector's Edition - $4
  10. Walt Jay

    [CLOSED] FBI's Previous Lowballs Reference Thread

    The Legend of Zelda : Spirit Tracks Premiere Edition $1
  11. Walt Jay

    [CLOSED] FBI's Previous Lowballs Reference Thread

    Dead Rising 2 Folded Poster / Shopping Strip-Mall Map $1
  12. Walt Jay

    [CLOSED] FBI's Previous Lowballs Reference Thread

    SPLATTERHOUSE Instant Access to ALL 3 Classic SPLATTERHOUSE Games $1 Crackdown 2 $1 Duke Nukem Forever $1 WIRED Magazine Retractable Phone Cord (Rj11) (Approx. 7ft; new condition) + YAHOO Pocket CD Unwrapper Tool - - $1
  13. Walt Jay

    CAGcast #269: Can't You Better?

    Nice show guys. The intro made me laugh for some reason, even though I've heard that song a 100 times. Also, Dead Island DLC for the 360 por favor!
  14. Walt Jay

    XBLA Sales 2011 - Closed!

    That's what I'm doing with the SR3 season pass. I'm not quite sure what that even includes, so I didn't bother with it at launch. Also, the Gold Lancer (and all guns) are being delisted after 12/31/2011 not 12/31/2012. That would be a hell of a notice! 8-)
  15. Walt Jay

    Win an iPod Touch from CAG & Pixel and Texel

    No whammy no whammy stop!
  16. Walt Jay


    Saints Row 3 Initiation Station code P4F3R-C4442-TDCQP-QJCPX-4MMMZ I got an email from THQ literally 5 minutes after getting a code from Gamespot. Please post if you use it!
  17. Walt Jay

    Rocksteady Signed Batman: Arkham City Giveaway

    If I win this contest, I will have the game BRONZED AND FRAMED!
  18. Walt Jay

    CAGcast #257: Good

    You know the best kind of super hero? The generic kind! And that's why I deserve to play X-Men Destiny! No whammy no whammy no whammy STOP!
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