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  1. exceed19

    3D Blu-Ray thread

    This is smoking hot right now - the 3D Hobbit trilogy: for $34 I think, shipped. From Amazon UK - the 3D discs play in our players fine. 
  2. exceed19

    4K Blu-ray deals & discussion thread

    Yeah I have asked for the 4K thread multiple times, so we def need this.  So far I have Deadpool, Sausage Party, The Shallows, The Revenant, and Xmen - and they are all amazing. I got them all "on sale" and some with freebie promo items, so we NEED this thread so I can contribute. Not going to...
  3. exceed19

    FS: Digital GoW4 Ultimate edition game download code

    FS: Digital GoW4 Ultimate edition game download code $60 via email or $62.50 shipped/tracked.  I would take either paypal, BTC -- OR a PS4 Uncharted 4 PLUS money on your side (or BTC) but you can put the cash in the game case. Currently UC4 is $25 from Gamefly, free shipping - so I would want...
  4. exceed19

    3D Blu-Ray thread

    ^^^ As is Pacific Rim at the $9 they are selling it. It is a MUST OWN. Shrike, is there anyone we can ask to get a 4K sticky thread? We have a 3D thread, a Blu thread... but 4K is here, and doing to start to dominate, especially after the holiday with all the One S and 4K tv's being bought. ...
  5. exceed19

    FS: Brand new (box sealed) Samsung UBD-K8500 4K 3D HD WiFi player

    For sale is a brand new SEALED box Samsung UBD-K8500 4K 3D HD WiFi Built-In Blu-ray DVD Player. I want $205 in my pocket, so if you are local to Harrisburg PA (Actually, New Cumberland, PA 17070 - 5 minutes from Harrisburg - and less than 1 mile from I83 and the PA turnpike!) - you can meet me...
  6. exceed19

    3D Blu-Ray thread

    Is Amazon the best price so far for Star Wars: TFA in 3d? Also needing to pick up Finding Dory in 3d. It was amazing in theaters. Upset there isn't a 4k disc coming out (fu Disney!) but whatever. They'll just release them in 4k in another year or two for another money grab :(
  7. exceed19

    Blu-ray Discussion Thread - The One and Only

    Guys is there anyway we can get a UHD 4K thread to go along with the Bluray and 3D Bluray threads?
  8. exceed19

    3D Blu-Ray thread

    Just bought BvS3D with my 10% off birthday coupon, and $15 in rewards - took the movie down to $2.99 + tax if I am remembering correctly. :)
  9. exceed19

    New Line of Nintendo Selects 8/26

    Just to add my birthday is this month (August) and Big N emailed me a coupon/code for 30% off one digital purchase, expiring at the end of the month. Looks like I'll be using it after these selects come down in price. Guess I'm getting Lego City for Wii U - although, I am 36, am I really going...
  10. exceed19

    Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma PS4 Digital $18.... 12 month EA ACCESS $25

    Whoever buys the Suicide Squad Fandango from the OP - if you see it at Regal on premier night (I'd assume earlier the better) - they are giving away Funko Pop - Joker keychains. (Looks to be like a 2.5" figure and looks pretty cool).  Just throwing that out there for the OP/buyer! :)...
  11. exceed19

    Uncharted 4 39.99 and Doom 30.00 Amazon

    When does amazon give a discount, is it only the first week of release? I have prime, but usually order from BB.   If BB GCU applied, I'd be all over Uncharted 4. 
  12. exceed19

    H: Ratchet and Clank, Captain Toad, Infamous: Second Son, Pikmin 3, Bloodborne W: Paypal & Trades

    Hey Hero!  I have a brand new Star Fox (wii u) w/ the bonus game (sealed) - I'd swap for Uncharted 4 (Its ok that its open) if your interested.  Shipping on my end will be a little more expensive, the Starfox is like the size of 3 bluray cases.  PM me if interested, I can ship out any day of...
  13. exceed19

    FT: Brand new (sealed) Super Mario Maker and Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U)

    FT: Brand new (sealed) Super Mario Maker and Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U) I have two of each, sealed - ready to ship in bubble mailers - for trade OR for sale. 2 Mario Makers, 2 Xenoblades.  PM me what you have if your interested. I have all current gen consoles (PS4, XB1, Wii U).  Only...
  14. exceed19

    3D Blu-Ray thread

    Amazon has Jaws 3D for $9.49 (and no, its not the paper craptastic glasses). People are saying the 3D is worth it, but its a bare bones release. 
  15. exceed19

    FS: World of Warcraft - Warlords of Draenor Collectors edition

    BRAND NEW sealed in factory shrink wrap.  $85.00 shipped via USPS priority mail via paypal OR I can take bitcoin payments.  If interested, look at my feedback. 100% positives.  I have 2 of these sets. On eBay I see them going for around $105-$120ish.  I can take paypal, or check lists, but...
  16. exceed19

    Fear the Walking Dead + Season 5 - Walking Dead special edition

    That's not what I asked my friend - I know season 5 is out already. I was asking about the "limited edition" sets, for example - season 1 came with a mask, season 2 (the expensive one on ebay) came with a walker statue head that has a screwdriver in its eye, season 3 is the walker heads in...
  17. exceed19

    Fear the Walking Dead + Season 5 - Walking Dead special edition

    So does anyone know are we getting special editions (like little statues/stands) for Fear the WD? Also, season 5's "Crawler" special edition, do you guys think BestBuy will have that at half off like all the other special editions when they came out? They should both be right around the corner...
  18. exceed19

    What would you pay for music albums?

    I have a few "gold" MFSL 24k gold cd's - and I think I paid around $80-$125 a piece for them. I think they are considered Ultradisc albums, and if you don't have high quality equipment, there is no point to splurge for them. They are out of print and "rare" (as in you don't see them often, but...
  19. exceed19

    Zelda Triforce Codes inside free! RIP Lamar!

    OK folks! So in order to prevent a scan/dump bot - please remove the word(s) from the two codes below to get the actual code. THEN delete the LAST number (which is a 0) OFF the code. Please PM me that you used the code or post a thanks here. ripB0HHRGNR1M9S9P910 lamarB0HX65F23DDT6SK60
  20. exceed19

    CAG Car Thread!

    Oh I want to play! 2008 Honda Civic SI - Nighthawk Black Pearl OEM HFP body kit, HFP full suspension, HFP rims, Yokohama tired, Mugen short shift kit, Hondata Flashpro, Kraftwerks Supercharger (12psi), 1000cc injectors, DW65c fuel pump, Hasport mounts, Skunk2 Alpha header, Q300 exhaust. I am...
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