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  1. onetrackmind

    2012 Fantasy Football "Who should I start?" Thread

    Honestly I would go with Bowe, you basically know what you're gonna get with him and the Saints Defense is awful (and their my favorite team so i'm not biased)
  2. onetrackmind

    2012 Fantasy Football "Who should I start?" Thread

    So I got a trade offer in one of my 10 team .5 point per reception league and I don't know if I should take it and wanted some opinions. I get RG3 I give Demarco Murray I'm not too sold on RG3 but I need help at QB, since i went so heavy on RB in the draft but i'm not convinced RG3 will keep...
  3. onetrackmind

    2012 Fantasy Football "Who should I start?" Thread

    Drafted last night for my 8 Team Keeper PPR + Return Yard League. I think 23 players were already off the board. Kinda Meh, had the last pick this year since I won last year. QB - Drew Brees (Keeper - 3rd Rd) WR - Larry Fitzgerald (1st Rd) WR - Dez Bryant (5th Rd) WR -...
  4. onetrackmind

    Obama Care Could Be Deadly

    The obvious answer is if your company was already providing insurance to its employees before ObamaCare, then why would they choose to no longer offer the insurance after the fact. Your question doesn't make any sense. Certain companies offer benefits in an attempt to get better workers.
  5. onetrackmind

    Can we talk about the baby boomers?

    I agree that our problems as a country are directly related to the behavior, motivations, and actions of the baby boomers. As Nixmahn referenced above, they grew up in an era of insane growth and prosperity and have done everything possible to ensure they continue to receive the benefits of...
  6. onetrackmind

    "TNA is pretty solid right now" wrestling topic

    Only way I would be going is if I got free tickets. Between the Rosie/Trump Raw and the shitty Royal Rumble, the WWE has burned me way too many times.
  7. onetrackmind

    The "Stay Classy, Republicans" Super Nintendo Chalmers Thread

    No worries man, take your time. I'm looking forward to discussing this and see where you're coming from. I get where you're coming from and do agree about your point of message boards in general but I think this sub-fourm should be different. I think we should engage in good debate instead...
  8. onetrackmind

    The "Stay Classy, Republicans" Super Nintendo Chalmers Thread

    If you want to debate an issue, it's kinda on you to produce facts that support your view. Telling me to look it up myself is lazy and defeats the entire concept of having a debate on an issue. You have been making claims in this thread but haven't backed them up with anything more than...
  9. onetrackmind

    The "Stay Classy, Republicans" Super Nintendo Chalmers Thread

    Just out of curiosity, how much lower do you think your state/local taxes would be if public unions were disbanded? Do you have any statistics that show it's impact as well?
  10. onetrackmind

    Uh Oh, It's The Big O Wrestling Thread

    Looks like Alex Shelley is gone from TNA.
  11. onetrackmind

    Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot - was $540M, now $640M

    - Give my parents a ton of cash so they don't ever have to work again. I'd pay off all their loans as well. - Set up trusts for my sister and brother for college. - Gift as much as allowed to my closest aunts, uncles, and cousins. - Pay off one of my best friends pharmacy school loan. - Give to...
  12. onetrackmind

    Official 2011-12 NFL Regular Season Thread

    I don't know how i feel about the range of the Saints punishment. On one hand it's really shitty and scary that coaches would encourage players to actively try to hurt and take out key players. On the other-hand I feel the extent of the punishment is a bit harsh unless they have investigated...
  13. onetrackmind

    How We All Got Stuck Paying the Medical Bills of the Woman Who Sued to Kill Obamacare

    I think thats an incredibly weak argument though. Who cares whether someone has cable, goes to bars and has an iphone... i dont think eliminating those things would help afford healthcare. Not to mention that if you're working you should be able to have some luxuries and have some enjoyment...
  14. onetrackmind

    How We All Got Stuck Paying the Medical Bills of the Woman Who Sued to Kill Obamacare

    I think a major reason why the cost of healthcare is so expensive is because it's all for profit. It's easy to hand wave that away with spouting "free market", but the reality is everyone needs healthcare... otherwise you'll most likely end up dying much sooner than you would if you had it...
  15. onetrackmind

    The CAG Wrestling Thread is Trending Worldwide

    I went to the Rumble last night despite the fact I haven't enjoyed much of anything the WWE has done since summer. The Rumble was always my favorite PPV so i figured it would be a good time and impossible to mess up... boy was I wrong. It might have come across better on tv but personally i've...
  16. onetrackmind

    The 2012 State of the Union Address

    Naked Capitalism has a pretty good article about his plan. Looks like a fucking joke if the article is accurate.
  17. onetrackmind

    Looking to a hire a designer (Business Card)

    I could also help you out as well. I've got around 8 years experience and have a background in Graphic Design/Advertising/Marketing.
  18. onetrackmind

    Wall Street Protesters

    And your point is?? I have 2 jobs and somehow i found a way to head downtown and check it out for a couple of hours. If you dont want to do the groundwork to attempt to understand something then you'll end up looking like a fool when you regurgitate deceptive talking points. If thats what you...
  19. onetrackmind

    Wall Street Protesters

    I don't think anyone was claiming you were lying, just that you took the story as fact without attempting to check whether the article was truthful or not. You obviously oppose the occupy protests, whether thats because you don't agree with the message or from what you have heard through the...
  20. onetrackmind

    Fantasy Football "Who should I start?" thread, Lockout is Over Version

    It's a PPR/Return Yardage League (1 pt = 20yrds) We play: 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 Flex (WR/RB/TE) Team A is stacked For how our league scores points: He has the #2 (Calvin) , #4 (Smith) , now the #23 (Miles), and #24 WR (Andre). He also has the #2, #3, #5, and #22 RB's in the league. It's...
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