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  1. kart007k

    Newegg Student/Faculty Discount 10% on max $200 You can get XBOX ONE for $335 shipped (no taxes in MOST states) Once .edu email is used you'll...
  2. kart007k

    Need Friends to play Halo MCC and COD AW on XBOX ONE

    I have been getting back into playing Multiplayer games. Titanfall (w/ all DLC), BF4, PvZ, Sunset, Halo MCC and COD AW are the games that currently own on XBOX ONE.  I am looking to make new friends to play these games regularly. I usually play in the evenings on weekday and morning/afternoon...
  3. kart007k

    Destiny PS4 via Buy on ebay for $50, PS4 $360 or buy PS4 and Destiny for $410 + Free shipping
  4. kart007k

    NEW XBOX ONE with KINECT on ebay for $339 + Free shipping & NO TAX

    Seems to be a scam. Sent him 5 emails with no responses. Tracking # seems to be a fake; place holder. I'll be filing a claim with my bank and Paypal. 
  5. kart007k

    NEW XBOX ONE with KINECT on ebay for $339 + Free shipping & NO TAX

    Got a tracking number. But nothing updated on it.  :pray:
  6. kart007k

    NEW XBOX ONE with KINECT on ebay for $339 + Free shipping & NO TAX Seller has 60 feedbacks, but they are all positive. Bit risky, but use paypal.
  7. kart007k

    Dell: $25 gift card with every video game order, 72 hour sale

    Be aware. It took me 30 days and 5 phone calls to get my credit. Not worth the hassle. 
  8. kart007k

    XBOX 360 250GB- Manufacturer refurbished - $130 + FS  Included: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller; Composite AV Cable; Internal WiFi Capability
  9. kart007k

    XB1 Nyko Charge Base $12.99 FS, Battlefield 4 for XB1 only $19.99 FS (OOS) at Microsoft Store!

    Yep, the problems haven't been fixed. I wouldn't recommend purchasing it. 
  10. kart007k

    Need friends to play with Titanfall, Forza 5, and others on Xbox One

    I just got a new Xbox One and I picked up Forza 5 and Titanfall for it. I dont have that many friends on the new console (been a PS owner) to play with. I am enjoying the hell out of Titanfall, but I need some friends to play the games with.  If you are looking for same, then send me a friend...
  11. kart007k

    Driveclub PS4 $59.99 with 3 months of Free PS+ (Release Date 10/7/14) Only retail copies are coming with this promo, PS Plus version is free but not all cars and tracks are included.  Here is amazon pre-order page. ...
  12. kart007k

    OLD THREAD: New thread in FIRST/LAST posts.

    Do we know why is Gamestop website is saying that trade in price on PS4 is $357.50? Is that a mistake?
  13. kart007k

    Best Buy DOTD (4/25): Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (PS3, X360, Wii U) $13.99

    PS3 to PS4 upgrade code expired on March 31, 2014
  14. kart007k

    Xbox One Titanfall Bundle- $439.99 after checkout from TigerDirect via eBay

    My order got placed on the back order. And they won't cancel it. 
  15. kart007k

    Sony Pulse Elite Refurb. $79.99 on ebay + FS PS4 7.1 Headset
  16. kart007k

    Did Best Buy stop selling gift cards?

    Can someone answer this question? I am trying to convert my trade-in credit to amazon credit. Thanks.
  17. kart007k

    PS3 Holiday 2013 Bundle Last of US & Arkham Origins

    Can someone confirm whether these games come in physical copy or download code? THanks
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