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  1. adrianjc

    Ratchet and Clank All 4 One

    Hello, I have a like new copy of Ratchet and Clank All 4 One available for trade. Am looking for Uncharted 3,Batman Arkham City (PS3),Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (PS3) are the 3 games I am currently looking for. All trade offers will be considered.
  2. adrianjc

    Looking To Buy A Hard Disc Drive

    Hello, I have a 80 GB PS3 that is starting to run out of i am looking to buy a new HDD to replace the 80 GB.Really looking for a 320 GB or higher (if i am going to replace a HDD might as well go big then i don't have to worry about space for awhile lol).If anybody has one available...
  3. adrianjc

    The Bourne Trilogy - $34.99 @ Amazon (until 08/21/10) - Blu ray (Slim Packaging)

    Hey, Also got mine recently.Not flippers just the Blu Ray movies.thanks again OP .
  4. adrianjc

    Your Favorite Covers of Popular Songs?

    Ignite- Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2 Cover) Drowning Pool- Rebel Yell (Billy Idol Cover) A Couple Of my favorites
  5. adrianjc

    God of War III Amazon PRE-ORDERED... says estimated ship date 3/22

    Well I ordered the GOWIII Ultimate Edition on Sat. 3-13 (when I noticed another thread that said they were available for presale again).Chose the 2-day shipping (signed up for amazon prime to make the shipping free) Had the game in my hand on 3-16 (release day) around 3 pm or so. Just wanted to...
  6. adrianjc

    Have: Demon's Soul Want: $$ or PS3 games

    Have Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time PM sent
  7. adrianjc

    WTB: Chrono Cross & Breath of Fire 4

    Hello, I also have a copy of Chrono Cross GH but it is brand new still factory sealed.I would be willing to sell it for $13.00 shipped.PM me if you have any interest.
  8. adrianjc

    [Closed] CONTEST: Win a Death Jr. (PSP) Prize Pack from CAG!

    This seems to be the only PSP game out right now that i am interested in playing. Thanks for the chance to win this game Cheapy D
  9. adrianjc

    Looking for PS1 Rpg's

    Time to bump my thread again as my list is getting very short.Also does Anybody know where you can get a PS1 Double case that holds 1 Disc.I need one for my copy of tactics ogre and then i can order the inserts(front/back)from Atlus to make my copy complete. Thanks again for everybody's time and...
  10. adrianjc

    Rhapsody & Persona 2, factory sealed in stock,

    Hey, Just wanted to thank the OP.I had been looking for a deal for Persona 2 and almost paid a lot more to get a complete copy with the bous disc before i found this thread.(had already snagged me a copy of Rhapsody via a trade)My copy arrived safe and sound and everything is in pristine...
  11. adrianjc

    Looking for PS1 Rpg's

    BUMP FOR AN UPDATE The list is getting smaller here is what i am still looking for: Alundra Kings Field Persona Persona 2 Tactics Ogre Vagrant Story Vandal Hearts Vandal Hearts II
  12. adrianjc

    FT/FS list- games PSP/GBA/DS/Xbox/PS2/etc.

    Interested in Persona and Persona 2.You can PM me with what you would be looking to trade for this or what you would sell the 2 games for.
  13. adrianjc

    Looking for PS1 Rpg's

    BUMP FOR AN UPDATE Have moved some more games from my want list to my Pending List.
  14. adrianjc

    Looking for PS1 Rpg's

    BUMP FOR AN UPDATE I Have Picked up a copy of Legend of Dragoon and have a trade worked out for Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure so those 2 are off my want list.PM any offers or post them in this thread.thanks again
  15. adrianjc

    Looking for PS1 Rpg's

    another bump Have the following games Pending as i have bought/traded for these games: Breath of Fire IV PENDING Dragon Warrior VII PENDING Final Fantasy Tactics PENDING Thousand Arms PENDING Wild Arms PENDING Wild Arms II PENDING Still looking for Tales Of Destiny II,Star Ocean the Second Story...
  16. adrianjc

    Looking for PS1 Rpg's

    BUMP FOR AN UPDATE Got my copies of Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve II so those or of my want list:)
  17. adrianjc

    Looking for PS1 Rpg's

    Updated my list with some games as pending.As i have trades worked out for the games marked as pending.
  18. adrianjc

    Looking for PS1 Rpg's

    BUMP Can now cross off Threads Of Fate from my list as i got it. also i think i got a fair deal for Valkyrie Profile as i was able to get Valkyrie Profile with the strategy Guide for Shadow Hearts Covenant and Cash.You all can guess as to how much cash it was :) :) :) Thanks again and keep the...
  19. adrianjc

    any pennsylvania cag's here

    I'M From PA.Halfway between Allentown and Stroudsburgh in Northeastern PA.
  20. adrianjc

    Looking for PS1 Rpg's

    Just an update i have added more stuff to my trade items.Also recieved my copy of Valkyrie Profile so that is crossed of my want list.Thanks again to everybody who have helped me with my search so far
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