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  1. JiZames

    CAG PSN Gamesharing #9 - Find/Create a Gameshare Group and Gameshare FAQ

    Looking for a share of Nightmares of the Deep Trilogy (Cursed Heart, The Siren's Call, Davy Jones) for PS4, if it's out there somewhere.
  2. JiZames

    H: PayPal W: Any amounts of PSN

    Looking to pick up PSN at a discounted rate. Feel free to shoot offers!
  3. JiZames

    H: PayPal W: 20% off PSN code

    Code is found in RDR2 PS4 console bundles and the $200 Spiderman Black Friday bundles. Looking to purchase one before Tuesday. EDIT: Purchased!
  4. JiZames

    H: Nintendo, PSN, Xbox Credit W: $$$

  5. JiZames

    H: PayPal W: PS4 Secret of Mana Pre-order costumes code

  6. JiZames

    Suggestions for a competitive console-exclusive gaming monitor with low input lag (9-10ms) under $150?

    As the title states, I'd like some advice on a monitor in the 24"-27" range with as low input lag and response time as possible, specifically for competitive console fighting games and retro gaming (speed running). I've had my eye on the Asus VG245H lately, as I'm a huge fan of its stand and how...
  7. JiZames

    H: GONE W: Paypal

    $40 Paypal for $50 PSN?
  8. JiZames

    CAG PSN Gamesharing #9 - Find/Create a Gameshare Group and Gameshare FAQ

    Complete shot in the dark here but... Looking for an OutRun Online Arcade PS3 gameshare, if anyone has it. Would be willing to pay $10, resell or phantom doesn't matter.
  9. JiZames

    H: $10 PayPal W: PS3 OutRun Online Arcade

    The game was never released here in the US and was eventually delisted from the EU PS Store some years back but I'd still really love to have it, as OutRun Coast 2 Coast was one of my favorite PS2 games. If anyone has the game, I would gladly pay for a gameshare of it!
  10. JiZames

    [H] $40 Paypal [W] $50 PSN

    If anyone needs to sell one right away, I'm your man. :D
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