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  1. retroNutZ

    New MacBook Pro gaming specs?

    I just saw the new MBP on apple's site and noticed that they are now using an AMD Radeon graphics card. Does anyone know how their HD series performs with current PC game standards? I'm not sure as to what specific series the new MBP is using. Anyone have anymore insight or sources for the...
  2. retroNutZ

    GT5 Controller Concept

    Thats a cool looking controller, never seen it before. I like how they the trigger/pedal like buttons on the right side.
  3. retroNutZ

    GT5 Controller Concept

    So now that the game is out and the company I designed this for no longer exists, I thought it would be interesting to see what people think of this concept I created a couple of years ago. This design was based all on my experience with the past GT games and never even went past this initial...
  4. retroNutZ

    Retro blog site giveaway!

    Hey CAGers, I want to try to give my personal retro blog site a new home rather then completely shutting it down. I wish I had the time and resources needed to continue it, but right now this simple cannot happen. Currently the site focuses on virtual console, Xbox arcade, and PS network...
  5. retroNutZ

    Do any stores trade un-open PC games??? Online?

    I'm sitting on an un-open copy on L4D 2 that I know I'm never going to get around to playing. Can I trade this in anywhere or am I going to have eBay it?Thanks in advance CAGers!
  6. retroNutZ

    CAG Fund for Child's Play 2009 Charity Raffle - $42,810 Raised - Winners Posted!

    Threw in a 24 packs worth. No beer tonight!
  7. retroNutZ

    Shmup News & Discussion

    Does this mean we can expect to see some type of price drop? Maybe a lil' bit? :D
  8. retroNutZ

    9.9.09 featured on the Internet

    um context. this being a video game site.
  9. retroNutZ

    9.9.09 featured on the Internet

    So I'm sure people are aware of this date and how it relates to the Dreamcast and not the Beatles. There has been hype building around this specific date for quite some time, so I'm just wondering if anyone has come across anything cool on the internet as it relates to 9.9.09. Please link any...
  10. retroNutZ

    Shmup News & Discussion

    that Raystorm HD remake was exactly what I was looking for. I also got around to testing out some of the iPhone shmups and would have to agree with everyone else. It's just not ideal for precise shmupery, Although the new Space Invaders game is just too good to pass up for less then great controls.
  11. retroNutZ

    Shmup News & Discussion

    This site has a pretty good list of Saturn shmups with detailed info: And someone put together a complete list here: thats a lot of fucking shmups!
  12. retroNutZ

    Official San Francisco Bay Area CAG List

    Well I'm glad they avoided a strike and I couldn't disagree more with your statement. In no way does the union want a "free ride." They are being asked to take a 7% wage cut while the management has had a steady 5% increase in pay. It's misinformed (or just plain bias) news reports that has the...
  13. retroNutZ

    Shmup News & Discussion

    Man, I would love to see Mars Matrix as an XBLA game. Gonna get an iPhone this weekend so I am definitely gonna download Space Invaders. Any other shmups on the iPhone worth buying?
  14. retroNutZ

    What games blew your mind the first time you saw/played them?

    Wolfenstein Street Fighter II Mist Grand Theft Auto III Half-Life (Series) in that order!
  15. retroNutZ

    Wii MotionPlus and Wii Sports Resort - General Info - Out now

    Can anyone confirm if this game requires and/or includes a firmware update?
  16. retroNutZ

    What Systems Do You Own?

    NES SNES Game Boy DS Lite N64 PSP Saturn Dreamcast Xbox 360 Wii PC ...still waiting to start my PC engine collection
  17. retroNutZ

    What games do you play every year?

    I need at least one good Metroidvania game every 6 months, it helps stimulate my post good gaming tension.
  18. retroNutZ

    Shmup News & Discussion

    Ah man, there doing the whole "limited" edition thing with Raiden now. I thought my genre was safe from the nickle and diming publisher BS. It does seem tempting though. They have definitely targeted my soft spot.
  19. retroNutZ

    Official San Francisco Bay Area CAG List

    Oh my stars, I can't believe I never heard of this place either! The closest classic game store that I knew of was in the east bay. Thanks for the tip! :bouncy:
  20. retroNutZ

    Shmup News & Discussion

    I've been using a Saturn controller w/adapter for all my PC shmups (especially imperishable night). It's cheap and there aren't that many other controllers that can compare to it.
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