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  1. ChaoticClimax

    GameStop massively increased trade in values of recent titles for Rewards members

    I know this is stupid to ask, but is this confirmed? I am a rewards member and I didn't get an email...
  2. ChaoticClimax

    CAGcast #301: Don't Be a Dick

    It bothers me that games don't come complete anymore. I have a giant shelf of games that I treat like trophies. All complete, non-greatest hits. It isn't complete if it doesn't have a instruction manual! I wouldn't be able to proudly display it, it would mar my collection until I was forced to...
  3. ChaoticClimax

    Join the CAG Steam Community! Thanks!
  4. ChaoticClimax

    XBL DotW & Sales 2012 | 5/1 BF3 DLC (DotW) | More

    Anyone else think a Resident Evil on 4 and Code Veronica sale should be coming? It feels like they would get a lot of people with the release of the Resident Evil 6 trailer getting people pumped.
  5. ChaoticClimax

    XBL DotW & Sales 2012 | 5/1 BF3 DLC (DotW) | More

    I got Fifa hacked a week after Gears 3 came out, they spent all my points and got me 15 cheevo points in Fifa 12. I called M$ and my account was under investigation for exactly 30 days. I get the policy, but it is punishing the victim.
  6. ChaoticClimax

    Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off at Amazon

    I bought SR3 and Halo Anniversary. SR3 is not on the B1G50% list anymore but still says the promotion on the SR3 page. I added both to my cart and went to checkout and the discount did not come off immediately. I called customer service and they helped me out. Another win for Amazon Customer...
  7. ChaoticClimax

    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (360) $29.99 @ Newegg & Amazon (DEAD)

    I bit, didn't realize I had a $20 credit from Gears 3 sitting in there, made it much sweeter.
  8. ChaoticClimax

    Rocksteady Signed Batman: Arkham City Giveaway

    I want to play this so bad...
  9. ChaoticClimax

    Win an Epic Games Signed Copy of Gears of War 3!

    This game is awesome.
  10. ChaoticClimax

    Live DoTW Deadliest Warrior | READ OP FOR MORE

    I picked up Scott Pilgrim, I was waiting for a 400 point deal. I figured it would come around with the hopefully annual christmas sale, but the DVD/Blu release makes as much sense as any. I've learned never to buy any xbla at full price unless I plan on playing them immediately, my fucking xbla...
  11. ChaoticClimax

    CAGcast #218: I Love You, Raptor

    I literally died when I heard this. Funniest thing I have heard in a long time.
  12. ChaoticClimax

    What is the best Mario Party game?

    I have 1-8 and can safely say that 2 and 3 are my favorites with 4 closely behind. If you can endure the palm pain, 1 was also quite good.
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