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  1. NismoZ32

    Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends: Season 3 and Gumball Vol. 4 Now Out As MOD DVD's

    Before I get any gripe, no these aren't deals and I don't expect them to be. I'm just letting the people know about these releases as they will be "made on demand" aka made as you order them only. They aren't even available on Amazon. After a seven year hiatus, Foster's Home For Imaginary...
  2. NismoZ32

    Catdog The Complete Series - $19.96 (Walmart Exclusive)

    Because none of these sets actually "release" until December. Walmart has exclusive rights to carry them early in store only. You just have to go and check or call and ask.
  3. NismoZ32

    PSN Weekly Deals - 12/16: Holiday Sale Wk 3 ($6 Terraria PS4/Vita, $3 Hotline Miami, $7.49 Child of Light, $8 Last Tinker, $9 Pier Solar)

    It was on sale last year. That's when I bought it for $9.99 along with Amy for $2.99 :wall:
  4. NismoZ32

    Breaking Bad: The Complete Series 2014 Barrel

    I expect this run to be even more limited for anyone on the fence about buying it. I did a look through the system at my work (Best Buy) and not even all the stores (including mine) this time around will be carrying it for walk in off the street customers. Just an FYI to you fine gents and...
  5. NismoZ32

    Wal Mart Clearance (Probably Nat'l.) Sony Pulse Elite Wireless HP - $60, COD:Ghosts HE $45, Halo: Reach LE $30, AC/DC RB Track Pack $1 360,PS3,Wii,PS2

    Because it actually is. Walmart doesn't price match it's self. and other walmart stores are off limits. They claim they aren't going to compete with themselves.
  6. NismoZ32

    Cowboom DotD- X1 Console Day One Edition - $349

    It's completely safe if you're unsure. I've bought stuff off Cowboom for years. I can also back up Cowboom as a Best Buy employee. Everything on Cowboom is either 100% tested and working customer trade in's like laptops, computers, video game consoles. Or buyer's remorse items returned within...
  7. NismoZ32

    GameFly July 2014 Used Game Sale (7/15 to 7/21) Forza 5 $19.99 and More

    Need for Speed: Rivals is also $12.99 with free shipping for :ps3: I bought a copy
  8. NismoZ32

    The new (and mod approved) Sony RLS thread

    Totally spaced about that link for you. Sorry. Turns out the Nintendo site is:
  9. NismoZ32

    The new (and mod approved) Sony RLS thread

    ? I'm Best Buy and I remember signing up for it? I still get e-mails from it periodically. The posters for it are still in my break room. I just never ended up using it since it seemed like Cheddarlabs to me and I currently don't own any Nintendo products.
  10. NismoZ32

    The new (and mod approved) Sony RLS thread

    Bethesda Games. Good for PC downloads but I haven't seen them update the store in years. Though they updated the training modules not terribly long ago? Another Sony site if you're working for someone that sells TV's/Camera's/Computers...
  11. NismoZ32

    Buy and Sell Video Games As Well As Other Gadgets Using!

    Looking for some sweet deals on used video games? Maybe even an iPod or tablet? Prehaps you have some older games you're looking to get rid of or even your old tech? Glyde is a great way to do all of this! Glyde is my go to place to buy used games on the cheap that no where else can compete...
  12. NismoZ32

    GameFly April 2014 Used PS3/360 Game Sale (4/15 to 4/21)

    Restock everyone. Just got Payday 2 finally! It's in stock as of this posting time.
  13. NismoZ32

    Walmart ad 3/30-4/5

    Went to my store around 11:50. A gentleman was already stocking them on floor. They got 10 in stock at my store. Had to wait 10 minutes but he gave me one and I was able to check out.
  14. NismoZ32


    Have: :ps3: US codes Puppeteer pack (Includes Puppeteer soundtrack, 3 avatars, and dynamic theme) Gran Turismo 6 full game download. (Yes this for 6, not 5) SOLD :ps4: US code Infamous Second Son preorder 4 vest pack Want: Paypal Amazon Offers
  15. NismoZ32

    Best Buy: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Limited Edition (PS3, X360) $54.99

    Ipad's, laptops, and some camera's if they pass the "test" can get opened boxed but you'll never have a store open boxed shipped to you. We have to no pick and pass it on to the next store with it in stock if it's open. All games/consoles go out as "PRC" and movies/cd's go out as "Anderson Media...
  16. NismoZ32

    Best Buy: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Limited Edition (PS3, X360) $54.99

    Anything gaming or pc related automatically gets sent out upon return. Regardless of if it was opened or not. Customer service is required to open that item and check at time of return. The only exceptions are things like PS3 cooling fans and "gaming" HDMI cables. The only thing high end that...
  17. NismoZ32

    Best Buy: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Limited Edition (PS3, X360) $54.99

    I work warehouse at a Best Buy so I do picks/.coms all day long. The company tested this last year with select stores and saw a huge sales increase as well as overall customer satisfaction in quick shipping because it's usually coming from a store right down the road from you. So the company...
  18. NismoZ32

    Best Buy: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Limited Edition (PS3, X360) $54.99

    It's just generic Best Buy tape that all warehouse employee's use. No reason for worry or alarm. Best Buy doesn't allow stores to typically have plain tape out of protection for customers who could be deceived by a shady store resealing a packages. If it was your outside box and not the...
  19. NismoZ32

    Best Buy DotD: Tomb Raider PS3/360 9.99

    No Best Buy's should be shipping back any games other than some shovelware Wii titles that are in the dump bins. Nor are you dealing with shady managers or employees when games fly off the shelf over night. Your El Hoardo's are people Sunday mornings when the prices change for the week buying...
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