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  1. clockworkvictim

    FS $25 iTunes Gift Card

  2. clockworkvictim

    FS $25 iTunes Gift Card

    Looking for $20 Paypal I don't have an iPod and don't feel like downloading iTunes to use it :( . I can PM you the code immediately or email if you prefer. Thanks!
  3. clockworkvictim

    2008 Video Game Spending Tab

    January: Nada February: Sold: Perfect Dark Zero + $12.00 (eBay) Oblivion + $21.00 (eBay) Kameo + $8 (eBay) Project Gotham 3 + $10.00 Mass Effect + $39.00 Bought: Jade Empire Limited Edition - $7.99 (GameStop) Chronicles of Riddick - $6.99 (Gamestop) Orange Box - $40.00 (Bought via Ebay) June...
  4. clockworkvictim

    2008 Completed Games Tab

    January: :360:: BioShock :360:: Halo 3 February: :360:: Mass Effect :ds:: New Super Mario Bros March: -Nada April: :psp:: God of War :ds:: Zelda: Phantom Hourglass May: -Nada June: :360: Call of Duty 4 In Progress:
  5. clockworkvictim

    The Invitation Thread.

    If any one could give me an invite to waffles or what I would greatly appreciate it. I have torrentleach invites, if anyone needs them. I'm a former member of oink and demoinoid and mainly need a good source for music.
  6. clockworkvictim

    CAG Personal Websites Just my portfolio.
  7. clockworkvictim

    Sopranos - Series Finale Discussion

    That article is outstanding... all the symbolism i thought would be there, explained... although it could all be coincidence, it generally enforces how I felt about what happened to Tony.
  8. clockworkvictim

    Oink! and other Private Torrent Sites

    thanks so much guys! :D
  9. clockworkvictim

    79th Academy Awards

    Word. And Children of Men was complete garbage, in my opinion. The visuals were great but the story and acting lacked immensely. I was glad it didn't get anything it was nominated for because the other movies presented did a far better job, in everyway, at least in regards to the ones i saw...
  10. clockworkvictim

    FS Xbox 360 Hard Drive

    Yep, the 20gb one that comes with the system. This is just the hard drive, no packaging. I got another hard drive from my friend so I have no use for this one. Pay pal works best for me, and I am not really interested in trades unless it's for a 60gb iPod (+ cash of course). Thanks for...
  11. clockworkvictim

    Whats a good RPG for my PSP???

    Popolocrois, quirky and fun.... I enjoyed that game. VP was meh for me, but I know I am in the minority on that one.
  12. clockworkvictim

    Best Album of 2006

    The Knife - Silent Shout or Sunset Rubdown - Shut Up I am Dreaming
  13. clockworkvictim

    Good Headphones for the Gym

    These are the best headphones for the price, hands down..... I use them at the gym everyday and for regular listening, highly recommended! However, if you use the little ear bud caps its a pain.
  14. clockworkvictim

    Rocko's Modern Life - Greatest cartoon, ever?

    Great show..... although my personal fav is Hey Arnold. Rocko is a close second however :D
  15. clockworkvictim

    The Office - Season 3 - Discussion [possible spoilers]

    That was my understanding as well. Great episode as well, people have already mentioned my favorite parts though ha.
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