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  1. snakeneck

    PS Vita Deals & Discussions Thread

    It's $19.99 at Target if you want to save on shipping.
  2. snakeneck

    Best Buy - PlayStation Move Racing Wheel - $26.99 - IN STORE ONLY

    Rang up at the register in my BB for $33.99 but they price matched the website with no problem.
  3. snakeneck

    Free copy of Walking Dead Assault (iOS) at IGN

    Excellent find OP!
  4. snakeneck

    Tiger Woods 13 Pro Athlete Pack Xbox - Free DLC

    Thanks OP nice catch!
  5. snakeneck

    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Collector's Edition (PS3) $29.99 at Best Buy

    Picked up the last one at my local store along with Sorcery and Jak and Dexter Collection for the B2G1. Very happy. Thanks OP!!
  6. snakeneck

    iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) / Mac App Stores -- Ongoing Sales

    Don't know if this is the right thread for this but the iRig adapter is clearanced out @ Target for $19.xx (50% off). This works with the app Amplitude (free and paid versions) and allows a guitar to connect thru an iDevice to simulate various amplifier sounds and effects. Seems pretty cool...
  7. snakeneck

    [UPDATE] Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition (Wii) Reprint - $29.99 [3/13/11]

    Don't know if its been mentioned but my Costco has quite a few of these @ $26.99.
  8. snakeneck

    iPod Touch\iPhone\iPad -- Ongoing App Sales

    Double click the home button and a bar with all open apps appears at the bottom.
  9. snakeneck

    iPod Touch\iPhone\iPad -- Ongoing App Sales

    Does anyone know of a way to print out your purchase history. I know it can be viewed in iTunes but the font is tiny and purches and freebies are listed together. I have downloaded a few hundred freebies over the past year.
  10. snakeneck

    Costco - PS3 Move Bundle - $89.99/Charger - $19.99

    Don't forget you can get the Move bundle as part of the B2G1 deal this week at TRU.
  11. snakeneck

    iPhone and iPod Touch Games -- Ongoing Sales

    Here's another stupid question. Can I install any of my many apps stored on my computer to my daugher's Touch? Thanks for the info and the quick answers!
  12. snakeneck

    3D Dot Heroes $29.99 @ Toys R Us (B&M)

    Tried the coupon today and no go. The system would not apply it and the cashier would not override it either. Still bought it as I had a $5 reward bucks certificate. Still a good deal.
  13. snakeneck

    Best Buy Medal of Honor Free Beta Key

    Thanks OP! email address accepted
  14. snakeneck

    Glory of Heracles (DS) $10.99 + $10 GC NEW at GameStop

    When Does Gamestop email the code? The order page states it will be emailed when the game ships. I got the "item Shipped" email including a tracking # but have not gotten a code yet. Is this normal? Thanks.
  15. snakeneck

    iPhone and iPod Touch Games - Ongoing Sales

    Thanks for posting this for those of us too lazy to Twitter
  16. snakeneck

    Avatar the game $19.99 360/Wii/PS3 Best Buy Free Ship

    still $39.99 in store but was able to pricematch the website right from a kiosk w/ no problem
  17. snakeneck

    Reduced Price Game Guides: Thread XI

    Confirming all of the previosly mentioned guides and adding one more: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.
  18. snakeneck

    GS TIV: Trade 2/4/7 get extra $10/25/50 on 360/PS3/Wii games, $30 HW bonus on new HW.

    12/16 trades PSP Tiger Woods 09 $4.50 Madden 08 $1.50 Hannah Montana $4.75 Midnight Club 3 DUB $3.25 DS Zoo Tycoon $1.50 PokemanDiamond $3.75 PS3 Batman AA $12.00
  19. snakeneck

    Target Clearance Thread XV*

    Picked up a Logitech MX518 gaming mouse for $9.98
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