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  1. darkhelmet41290

    Mixer23's 8th Lowball! [Done]

    Yeah I'm always down, especially for those CE guides, art books, MGS stuff.  Post some pictures or something!
  2. darkhelmet41290

    Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 - $34.99 via FB Marketplace

    I'll take this risk.  I grabbed a copy.
  3. darkhelmet41290

    H: Target & Xbox Gift Cards W: Paypal

    Hey PM me, I'll take one.
  4. darkhelmet41290

    H: PS4 games, Dualshock4, , misc other stuff

    How much for the ds4 controllers?
  5. darkhelmet41290

    H: Monster Hunter World (PS4) W:CYL for Switch/PC/PS4 games

    Could you send me a picture of the MGS4 guide?  Or just a link to what it looks like?
  6. darkhelmet41290

    [H] 2x $50 Steam Card [W] Paypal

    I'll give you $40 for one.  PM me if interested.
  7. darkhelmet41290

    W: Witcher 3 GOG Code H: Paypal

    Looking to spend about $25, but talk to me.
  8. darkhelmet41290

    Steam/Origin etc Buy/Sell/Trade Thread! - READ THE OP! ONE POST EVERY THREE DAYS!

    I can buy you any steam game for up to $23, or I can offer you $20 paypal.
  9. darkhelmet41290

    Want: HDD for Wii U | Have: Amazon, Games, Stuff

    $3.50 paypal for $5 amazon?
  10. darkhelmet41290

    More random Steam and ps4 codes for cheap!

    I have a $2 card to gamestop.  I'd trade for the Dragon Age dlc.
  11. darkhelmet41290


    Dude pre-order her Little Big Planet 3.  It's like the cutest game ever.  My non-gaming wife even loves that game.
  12. darkhelmet41290

    GameStop TIV/Promos XXVI: Values available on Android/iOS app. Games with guaranteed $40/$30 and more!

    Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection - $20 That's without the powerup card.  Traded it in two days ago.
  13. darkhelmet41290


    Still have those headphones?
  14. darkhelmet41290


  15. darkhelmet41290

    Destiny season pass and collectors dlc

    Done and done, do you want paypal or psn card?
  16. darkhelmet41290

    WTB Metal Gear HD vita $15

    I could hook you up for $22 shipped
  17. darkhelmet41290

    Steam/Origin etc Buy/Sell/Trade Thread! - READ THE OP! ONE POST EVERY THREE DAYS!

    H: Frozen Cortex (From the makers of Frozen Synapse) key W: Paypal ($10ish)
  18. darkhelmet41290

    lock/delete please

bread's done