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  1. mkelehan

    PS Vita Deals & Discussions Thread

    Buuuuuut there's a new version coming out, Toukiden Kiwami (sometimes called Toukiden Extreme), in 2015. Just a heads-up.
  2. mkelehan

    Final Fantasy 3, 4, and 5 at amazon App Store - $11.49

    FF5 is a great game, and this has the extra jobs from the GBA remake, and a super-useful auto-battle option to speed up the grind for those people (like me) who just have to max out every job. The sprites are smoothened, which is pretty controversial, but I think it still looks great. Of course...
  3. mkelehan

    [GONE, please delete]

    This WAS a trade for a Smash Code, but it's done now, so please delete it.
  4. mkelehan

    Cowboom PS4 299.99

    BF 2018, probably.
  5. mkelehan

    Nier PS3 (reprint) -$19.99 - Gamestop

    Copy your save to an external device. :)
  6. mkelehan

    Nier PS3 (reprint) -$19.99 - Gamestop

    I got all the endings, and absolutely didn't upgrade all of the weapons. You know they originally planned on a fifth ending, that would've involved you doing it all again? And so help me, I would've.
  7. mkelehan

    Nier PS3 (reprint) -$19.99 - Gamestop

    You're right that New Game + starts you halfway through, and you're right that there are sidequests specific to the first half that will be locked out. However, there is no achievement for doing all of the sidequests. So, if you miss a few (and I did), you're okay. The sidequests are absolutely...
  8. mkelehan

    Nier PS3 (reprint) -$19.99 - Gamestop

    It doesn't. There's an achievement/trophy that requires upgrading them all, but getting endings C and D just require that you GET every weapon. And that's not too tough. Ending A: Beat it Ending B: Beat New Game + Ending C: Get every weapon, make one choice at the end Ending D: Get every...
  9. mkelehan

    Nier PS3 (reprint) -$19.99 - Gamestop

    You won't regret it.
  10. mkelehan

    Nier PS3 (reprint) -$19.99 - Gamestop

    That's exactly what I thought... and as you play the game more and more, those edges start to disappear, but the brilliance only gets brighter. And then you finish the game, where there's a "what, what?" revelation at the very end, and you think, "so we're just going to ignore that?" And then...
  11. mkelehan

    Nier PS3 (reprint) -$19.99 - Gamestop

    There's no general consensus on this game. You love it or hate it. I love it.  The soundtrack, though, is universally loved.
  12. mkelehan

    Dell: $25 gift card with every video game order, 72 hour sale

    I figure, if I can't find anything to spend the $25 on, I'll just get some Nintendo/Sony/MS credit.
  13. mkelehan

    Dell: $25 gift card with every video game order, 72 hour sale

    Thanks OP, grabbed Bravely Default and Wonderful 101. I'll probably get Tropical Freeze tonight as well, with a $10 off coupon I have at home.
  14. mkelehan

    Best Buy July 2 to July 5: PS4 + 1-year PS+ for $420

    I read this headline too fast and saw "$240." My heart jumped for a second.
  15. mkelehan

    Wii U eShop Deals - 3/28: Curve & Natsume Sale, $7.50 Adventures of Pip, $10 RE Revelations, $8.49 Mutant Mudds SC, & More!

    Definitely recommend Cloudberry Kingdom. Lots of fun. I thought it was going to be a Super Meat Boy-style tough-as-balls platformer, but it's not. It's a random platformer generator, where every level can be beaten.
  16. mkelehan

    [Possible reprint?] Wii Xenoblade Chronicles and Metroid Prime Trilogy in-stock at Gamestop B&M - $49.99 used

    I didn't even consider that they might do that. That would be awesome. Honestly, though, they could remake it for $50 on Wii U and sell it on its own and would do really well. I'd pay again to play the game in HD with off-TV play.
  17. mkelehan

    Refurbished Microsoft Xbox One $399.99 + FS@ Rakuten via Dig Jungle + $40 in Rakuten Superpoints

    Dead? I added to cart and even went to checkout, and it still said $488.
  18. mkelehan

    Elite Beat Agents $5.88 at Amazon / Walmart

    Try Rhythm Heaven Fever. As basically a direct response to your complaint, every minigame is played with A and B, nothing else. Just be sure you either play on a CRT TV, or hook the Wii's sound directly into your sound system to eliminate lag. The game is extremely unfriendly about HDTV lag...
  19. mkelehan

    Elite Beat Agents $5.88 at Amazon / Walmart

    There's probably at least one person who's reading this and doesn't have this game. You HAVE to get it. Yes, you. It's just pure, concentrated fun.
  20. mkelehan

    Refurbished Xbox 360 Wireless Limited Edition Controllers $35 - Groupon

    If you get one of these, be sure to get the Star Wars or Halo 4 one, because those two have the transforming d-pad. The standard 360 d-pad is an embarrassment (I literally can't believe they're still shipping consoles with them!), but the transformer is great.
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