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    Find Magazines Publications faster.

    I have written a basic program to help gamers find video game review magazines. If user only cares about one genera or esoteric games, program will find magazines to read that cover those games. If user likes popular games, program will help them find the magazines that most agree with user's...
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    Its MMO Grind. There is a parkour minigame though.
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    Mass. Legislature approves plan to bypass Electoral College

    I guess I support this. Though I really think improving usenet/wikipedia-like public communication and education systems would accomplish much more than any changes to political organizations.
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    'Humans Need Not Apply' or Robots are taking our jobs!

    I think full strong AI was created over 20 years ago and ended the cold war. The economic and military benefits with even the computers back then would have been tremendous. Way way more cost effective than landing on the moon.
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    Megazell's Free And Legal PC Games List!

    Please re add  c-evo dot org. its not in strategy SP on your site.
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