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    Join the CAG Steam Community! Please invite me to the CAG Community!
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    Gears Of War 3 Limited Edition (NOT Epic Edition)-$9.98 in-store @ TRU

    Anyone picking this up should check the contents before you leave the store, just to be safe. I thought I got lucky and scored 2, but I just got around to opening to discover both contain no game discs. The seal on top is unbroken, but it looks like someone could have unfolded the bottom and...
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    iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) / Mac App Stores -- Ongoing Sales

    Used LKMMK7N97RPP Thanks Artrigis
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    Restocked $15 or 3/$30 PS3 DR2/Modnation Racer/Just Cause 2/Splatterhouse @ PCR

    If they ring up $15 in-store too, I wonder if the 3 for $30 works as well.
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    Killzone 3: Helghast Edition for PlayStation 3 is $49.99 at Best Buy

    Might upgrade my vanilla version. Trade in for KZ3 is sill $25 at BB. If you preorder NCAA 12 you get an additional 40% making it $35. I assume preorder is $5 and you can cancel anytime? Never preordered at BB before.
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    Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe - $10 (GS)

    Does anyone know if the used is $9 in-store as well?
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    Halo Reach Legendary Edition - $59.99 @Gamestop

    Thanks OP. I was able to pick one up yesterday, rang up $59.99. Went next door to BB and traded in my vanilla copy of Reach for $30 GC, showed them the GS receipt and they price matched (YMMV on that). After tax I got to upgrade my regular Reach to Legendary for $34. Ended up returning the one...
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    Sennheiser RS120 wireless headphones $49.99 shipped (Amazon)

    Anyone with how the audio on these compares to the Turtle Beach Ear Force X3?
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    BestBuy August 2010 RZ Gamer Club Deals - Tekken 6 (360) $10

    Anyone with a link to the coupons?
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    Tru 5/23 - 5/29

    Bought 2 at B&M this morning. I can confirm the $10GC stacks for both and takes the $20 promo off as well. So $85 for 2 SMG2, 1 guide, and $20GC. Used my $25GC from RDR as well.
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    GS Trade-in Values: Old Thread, Check First/Last Post for new one.

    I went in and traded in a few games including ME2 tonight since I doubt the ME2 price will hold out. Got back -$200, this is a great promo as long as the tivs hold out, thanks for the heads up guys.
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    Trade 2 DVDs ($ 1 and above) and get $ 19.99 and below NEW BluRay for $ 5 at SunCoast

    Is this going on at FYE or Coconuts as well?
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    Battlefield: BC $19.99 (360/PS3) online & in-store (PS3 in-store only)

    Price just went back to $29.99 online for both versions. Can anyone confirm if this is still in stores for $19.99 until closing time tonight?
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    GTA IV 360 & PS3 $14.99 used @ BlockBuster (plus B1G1 free on $14.99 and under)

    Is there a compiled list of used games $14.99 and under? I checked both threads and didn't see anything.
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    PS3 rock band for $16.96 at CC

    Would a singstar Mic work? The end plug is usb.
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    GS/EB Ad for 10/17 - 10/24 w/ Coupon - Buy 2 Get 1 Free All Used Games and Acc.

    Just scored Dead Space, Saints Row 2 and Rockband 2...couldn't believe my luck. Even passed on a copy of Pure used....all 360.
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    GameStop Buy 2, Get 1 Free Used Games (10/17-10/24) + $500 in Gift Cards Giveaway!

    Looking to score Dead space, Saints Row 2, and Fracture.
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    UPDATE! Radioshack Sale! 9/16-9/30 VERY YMMV

    Not sure if this was posted before or not, but Super Mario Galaxy is listed as $29.97 on their site. Saw it in store, but there were none left. Printed out and PMed at Bestbuy.
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    Turtle Beach Ear Force X3 $39.99 (

    Great, I got mine today with NO Infrared transmitter....SUCKS.
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