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    Wii U Deluxe Mario & Luigi bundle $249 at Walmart online ($289 + $40 gift card in store)

    TBH none of those games even remotely interest me except Wind Waker. But I still bought a Wii U in preparation for Smash Bros. Best Buy will price match it, if you're lucky they won't look if it's in stock, (even though it was when I bought it).
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    RCSS: PSP Go $59.94

    Still a lot left in St. John's NL, if anyone really really wants one feel free to pm me.
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    ToysRUs:Vaughn Mills location, YMMV-Dsi xl-$79.90/$89.90 dsi/$4.90 guides+more

    The DSi's at Vaughn Mills are no longer on sale, the red clearance stickers have been removed. I did not see any DS games with a red sticker. The Rocksmith stuff is still on clearance. Guides are still on clearance, they are either $4.90 or $9.90 and are not in good condition.
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    Futureshop Halo 4 skin

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    Flyers Nov 2 - 8 [Canada]

    Go to Smart Canucks, they have an extensive and diverse flyer collection there. They also keep expired flyers as well.
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    Xbox Live 12 month for sale

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    Xbox Live 12 month for sale

    Xbox Live 12 month for sale. $50 Gift through Paypal only.
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    FS: Xbox Live 12 month

    Xbox Live 12 month for sale. $52 Canadian or $50 U.S. Paypal only.
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    Xbox 360 "Action Pack" Reach, Forza 3 UC, Fable III + bonuses $59.99 @ FS

    This is not a Future Shop only pack, EB Games has this as well. It's not that good of a selection, these games are pretty old.
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    MS points

    Any word on what will happen to the points in your account at that time?
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    Flyers January 13-19 [Canada]

    Has anyone tried price matching the 12 month Live at BB or FS? I noticed that the flyer gives a picture of the 3 month.
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    XBLA Sale (Gears 3 season pass Dec 30, CoD content (don't bother) and others) on now

    If you treat it as a pre-order then your logic doesn't make sense. Two of the DLC is already out. Those who "pre-ordered" it got the first one 2 months before the discount, the second a month before. Half off the first one, 200 off the second, and 600 doesn't seem like much anymore.
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    FS: Gears of War 3 Adam Fenix and Commando Dom skins

    Have: Adam Fenix from the Epic Edition Infected Omen weapon skins from the Epic Edition Commando Dom from Gamestop preorder Asking $30 for the lot (Paypal).
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    Looking for 100 MS point codes

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    Looking for 100 MS point codes

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    Looking for 100 MS point codes

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    Want: exactly 250 ms points

    No. All I have are in-game codes for Halo and Gears. I suppose if you don't need anything else I could just give you $5.
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    Want: exactly 250 ms points

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    Looking for 100 MS point codes

    I'm looking for 100 MS point codes. I will trade $1.25 USD by Paypal for each working code. I only need one more.
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