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    How low is too low?! Xbox One X

    I sent my form back via email.Did you add a photo? They asked for one. poohbear59
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    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Month Membership - $15 Best Buy

    did you order one? edit - I bit. too good of a deal to pass up and I just got a 4K tv last month and needed a 4K player, my own Xbox One X
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    Bitcoin went up then down.

    Any opinion on bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets out there? Just wanting to see of any of you have had any experiences.
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    Best Buy GCU just BURIED ME - RIP

    I always get them on release date, but Im an Elite Plus My Best Buy member so I get free two-day shipping.
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    Any memorable CAGCast shopping stories?

    meh too bad i have no ps3 just a ps2
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    2019 Yard Sale / Flea Market Finds

    Well i had 4 1968 s total and i did the magnet test. 2 where silver the other 2 were not. Not sure if they are what i got at flea market or not. You can see the difference when they are side by side.
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    Trumpcare Could Be Deadly

    If you could have 1 law removed from the books be it Federal or State. What would it be?
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    New Youtube channel

    Not a SINGLE thing I like there. Glad I passed on my Tomb Kings a while back. Each to their own I guess, just hanging out for new Ogres Please GW?
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    Shipwreck mentioned by name by Jeff Gerstmann on the Bombcast

    Whats the difference between the one I have and that one? Edit Many thanks BTW
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