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    Need advice on buying a new TV

    I'll soon be buying a new TV and want to purchase one as future-proof as possible. What sort of specs should I be looking for to take advantage of, for example, the Xbox One X and future consoles? Thanks for any help!
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    Which of these towers would you get and why?

    Anyone? I just remembered that I also have music or video streaming at all times.
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    Which of these towers would you get and why?

    I'm looking to replace my current PC with a two-monitor setup for a new tower with a three-monitor setup. I'm not an expert in this area and would love some feedback on which would be best for my needs. I'm self-employed and the bulk of my work is done in Outlook, Excel and several web-based...
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    Xbox One and PS4 for Sale

    Yes the site is called cheapassgamer, but that doesn't mean everyone on here is cheap in the literal sense of the word, as you all appear to be. Many people on this site can actually afford to pay full price, and greater than full price if they so desire. The beauty in this is that I've already...
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    Xbox One and PS4 for Sale

    I'm offering to sell these for $225.00 above cost with standard shipping. $250.00 above cost if you'd like it overnighted. If interested, please shoot me a PM.
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    Game Informer Digital Subscription?

    I have a Game Informer paper subscription but when I try to sign in to the iPad version, it says "We don't show an existing digital subscription for this account." Does the digital subscription not come free with a paper subscription?
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    Is this a good router?

    I'm moving out in 2 months and so I'm starting to prepare all the necesseties I will need in a home of my own. I haven't started looking for a wireless router but this one came through my inbox today courtesy of Groupon...
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    Tons of gaming memorabilia, toys, shirts, posters, demos, etc.

    I recently lost my job and need to downsize to stay afloat with the bills. As I move to a smaller home, I have to part with stuff that I collected when I was younger. Below you will find an extensive list of everything game related that I've kept in a box all these years. Please make an offer...
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    Experiences with

    Looks like it's super saver shipping that's free for 5-8 days. I don't mind waiting so I guess I'll go with that and buy Gears from Amazon. I'll then use the $20 to apply towards Battlefield Thanks for your help!
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    Experiences with

    Well Amazon is charging $4.98 for shipping. Their $20 promo is also online only so no advantage there. I'm ok with not receiving on release day, I was just asking out of curiosity. I intend on using the $20 promo to get Battlefield 3. If amazon was offering a sweet preorder bonus I would buy...
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    Experiences with

    I wanted to preorder Gears of War 3 on because they are offering a $20 e-gift card. But before I did, I had. Few questions. 1. Can I choose to have to pick this up in store or does it need to be shipped to take advantage of the offer? 2. If I MUST have it shipped, is standard...
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    Argh! Welcome Back games self-destructed!

    I can't even get that far! I still can't reset my password to even access the store. When I go to the link that my PSP instructs, the site says: "Site Maintenance Notice The server is currently down for maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later." Help please!
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    Any E3 shows on TV?

    Will there be any TV coverage on E3 this year? Thanks
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    XBL and Windows Phone

    Can I do that? If an admin reads this, please move
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    XBL and Windows Phone

    Well I've had an iPhone for over 2 years and the phone is great overall, but there are a few glaring problems that irritate me. By far the worst is the lack of Flash support. Why Apple continues to refuse to support it is beyond me. This is the sole reason I will be replacing my iPad with...
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    XBL and Windows Phone

    I'll have to have her try it out. How do you like your phone? Pros and cons? Do you use it at all for work or business? I've been considering getting one. I like her samsung focus and feel that having a Windows phone would be more beneficial for me for business use, plus it's a very sleek...
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    XBL and Windows Phone

    My girlfriend has a gamer tag on my 360 with about 3k gamer score. She just got a Windows Phone and wants to keep her achievements. Her account is a basic account that doesn't have online access. What can I do through my 360 or her Windows Phone to let her continuing using the same profile on...
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    I visited for the first time in a while and saw it's been shut down. Is there any site similar that will tell me what my US and global rank are?
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    Comcast Modem Questions

    For those with Comcast Internet, Do you rent a Comcast modem? Can you buy a modem from Comcast? If so, any idea how much it is? Would a modem from Best Buy work just as well? Thanks for any help
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    Need help with some HDMI questions

    Ok I got my HDMI cable in the mail today. Problem is, the 360 component cables don't leave enough space to fit the HDMI cable. I'm using the older component cables that came with the original 360 on my new 360 Slim. I checked my Slim box and it only came with composite cables. Any suggestions?
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