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  1. Ravenhood

    Majora's Mask 3D Limited Edition [Canadian Options]

    I don't mean to come across as a downer, but I don't believe for a second that any EB employee will call existing pre-order customers to ask about upgrading. The EB stores I frequent have all told me that they NEVER call customers about upgrades or new editions, so it's all up to us. The last EB...
  2. Ravenhood

    Free Avancast Rise Of The Mage Via Greenmangaming.

    So, I can't get this to work at all... I have all the right information, and I'm entering everything they ask for, yet it always comes up with an "Oops" page, saying there's something wrong with my email/password. No clue what the problem is. / Thanks for the link all the same, I'll keep trying...
  3. Ravenhood

    2014 Completed Games Tab

    2014 Goal: 50 games (paid/ad-free versions), 10 Indie/Free (achievements may be included), 20 DLC/expansions Retail/XBLA/PSN Games = Red Free = Orange DLC/Expansions = Green January Games 1. :3ds: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (non-linked game, 15.5 hours) - Tuesday, January 7, 2014...
  4. Ravenhood

    100 Matches of Halo 4 Double XP [Facebook "Like" Contest]

    Liked the page, thanks for the heads-up. All else fails, I'll just go snap pics of the codes on some Doritos bags on my way to the store tomorrow. XD
  5. Ravenhood

    The Giving Chain (Steam Codes)

    I'm pretty sure anyone who wanted a copy of Metro grabbed one either from the Humble THQ Bundle, or from their giveaway promotion on Facebook. Hell, I have a physical copy, got one from the THQ Bundle, as well as a code from the promotion (which I then lost somehow. XS). I've got a code to...
  6. Ravenhood

    FREE Hitman Sniper Challenge (Xbox, PSN, Steam) [WORKING AGAIN]

    Used the proxy, changed my location to UK on the Squeenix/Hitman site, and it worked perfectly. Now I'm only missing Contracts and Absolution to round out my Hitman collection. Thanks for this!
  7. Ravenhood

    2013 Completed Games Tab

    2013 Goal: 50 games (XBLIGs/Minis/Indie games not included; separate listing), 20 DLC/expansions Retail/XBLA/PSN Games = Red Free Indie/Minis/XBLIG = Orange DLC/Expansions = Green Currently Playing/Playing Soon: Audiosurf (PC) - 5 hours, 18/19 achievements Bit.Trip Runner (PC) - 12 hours...
  8. Ravenhood

    I'll gift Dota 2 to the first 6 people who post with their steam id.

    I would assume they're gone by now. Ah well, 'grats to those that nabbed 'em, and thanks to FreeK200 and RainFall for the offer. =)
  9. Ravenhood

    Assassin's Creed 3 'Sharpshooter' available through NOS energy drink

    If anybody is able to get an extra 360 code, it'd be much appreciated. I apparently had an account on their site before this, and I'm incapable of logging in to that particular part of the site because I'm from Canada... Q_Q I don't have much for codes to trade, save for the female Halo 4...
  10. Ravenhood

    Halo 4 red spartan avatar costume

    EDIT: Thanks to kcobra22 for trading me an extra Male armor code for my female Spartan-4 armor. Cheers! =D
  11. Ravenhood

    CAGcast #280: Half CAGcast, Half Mass Effect 3 Spoilercast

    Wow, I didn't expect so many people to like the massive post I made those few weeks ago... Thanks to everyone who commented and replied with the kind words about it! It took a lot longer than I expected, and it was already about 2:30am when I started typing everything out, but it was certainly...
  12. Ravenhood

    CAGcast #280: Half CAGcast, Half Mass Effect 3 Spoilercast

    Thanks; most of the Citadel missions were fairly unimportant, but there were a few here and there that definitely shouldn't be missed. I've played each game making sure I never missed anything, though, so I tend to spend far too much time there. >_< Shipwreck's mentioned it a few times, but he...
  13. Ravenhood

    CAGcast #280: Half CAGcast, Half Mass Effect 3 Spoilercast

    I have yet to see a quote specifically stating that the indoctrination theory is incorrect. If you could provide a link to that, it'd be appreciated. Personally, I think the indoctrination theory is a little more believable than taking the ending at face value. Either is possible, but both have...
  14. Ravenhood

    CAGcast #278: The Donkey Kong Piano Room

    On Suda/Cheapy: 1. Cheapy could probably take Suda. Cheapy does occasionally mention that he's the standout big white guy in a crowd, so I think that's really no contest. 2. Suda probably doesn't care, or listen to this podcast. XP I think he's just doing it for fun now, especially after...
  15. Ravenhood

    CAGcast #277: Hotel Soap? Yes!

    This is the point I was attempting to get across in my post on last shows' comments. He's the CEO of the company, and he has a lot more to do than work on the games. However, Cheapy's right; he's the one that has contacts working at Grasshopper, so we really do have to go by what they say about...
  16. Ravenhood

    CAGcast #276: My Back Hurts and I'm Doing a Podcast

    Good show, as usual, though I need to comment on Cheapy/his friends' views on Goichi Suda. Suda is the CEO of Grasshopper. The fact that he conceptualizes many of the companies' games AND runs the company is a bit of a miracle. It takes a lot to come up with a game concept that works, but to do...
  17. Ravenhood

    Phantom Breaker Giveaway

    As soon as I saw this last week, I wanted it. I only wish I'd known about it longer so I knew more about the non-Chaos;Head/Steins;Gate characters. Still, though... Kurisu~! Definitely entering this. And if I don't win, well, pre-ordering the limited edition in that case. =D
  18. Ravenhood

    CAGcast #273: The Wombat Syndrome

    Constructive criticism segment of the post: I do enjoy the way the podcast is laid out; I've always enjoyed hearing you three talk about things happening in your lives, hearing stories from people you've talked to and places you've been, listening to things that Tai or Sabrina have done or...
  19. Ravenhood

    2012 Completed Games Tab

    2012 Goal: 50 games (XBLIGs/Minis/Indie games not included; separate listing), 20 DLC/expansions Retail/XBLA/PSN Games = Red Free Indie/Minis/XBLIG = Orange DLC/Expansions = Green January Games 1. :360: After Burner Climax (12/12 achievements, 1.5 hours) - Thursday, January 5, 2012 1. :pc...
  20. Ravenhood

    2011 Completed Games Tab

    This just came to mind, does anyone take it upon themselves to start this topic again near the start of each year? I saw that Rodimus started it last year on December 26th, but I wanna make sure it'll be started again (regardless of who starts it) so we can all secure our spots for next years'...
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