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  1. Teeg

    Zelda Breath of the Wild Special/Master Editions, Amiibo- Discussion

    I'd be interested in the Master Sword statue and the Master Edition box if you are piecing it all out.
  2. Teeg

    XBL Deals - 2016, Part 2

    I'm not sure what you guys did different than I when opening a claim, but I just got my refund with eBay regarding these codes. The seller just stopped responding to me so I escalated the claim (I said I wanted to return the items as they were not what I expected) and eBay wanted me to return...
  3. Teeg

    XBL Deals - 2016, Part 2

    I grabbed one of the Gears of War 4 codes yesterday and redeemed it to my Microsoft account. I see "You Own This" on the Gears of War 4 "Brothers to the End" and Vintage Del Elite Gear Packs product page. So I'm pretty sure the code does included the pre-order DLC.
  4. Teeg

    XBL Deals - 2016, Part 1

    Great to hear. I was wondering about that as I wanted to finish the original game before upgrading to the Definitive Edition. I just assumed I missed the upgrade offer window. I didn't remember reading about an expiry on the upgrade offer, but I'm glad that's not the case. Thanks for following...
  5. Teeg

    XBL Deals - 2016, Part 1

    I would love this code if you are giving it away. Would love to try a Dark Souls game. I've read a lot of good about them.
  6. Teeg

    XBL Deals - 2016, Part 1 I've bought 4 of these codes for myself and friends. Worked no problem. Great deal for $25.
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    It was DQ! Thanks for the drop!
  8. Teeg

    XBL Deals - 2015

    If you are looking for a home for that Fallout 3 code, having never played 3 I'd put it to good use.
  9. Teeg

    Random Free Codes (Drop Only, no asking for codes)

    I'd love the Xbox One: Day One Sunset Overdrive add-on code!
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  11. Teeg

    Rainbow Six Siege Beta Access

    Thanks! I grabbed the second one.
  12. Teeg

    [Ends tonight!] heatdolphins45's post-grad school semester lowball!

    Viva Piñata Guide - .50 Mario Party 8 Guide - .50 Super Paper Mario Guide - 1.00
  13. Teeg

    Nintendo Wii/Wii U/3DS eShop Code Trading Thread

    Figure this is worth a shot before I end up burning the coins on something I don't want or need. Have: 750 Coins for Club Nintendo to be used tonight. Want: I just got an Xbox One so if you've got any download codes or anything that can help me out let me know and we can work out a deal.
  14. Teeg

    Nintendo Wii/Wii U/3DS eShop Code Trading Thread

    H: Platinum reward of your choice. W: $18 PayPal. Send me a PM and we can work out the details.
  15. Teeg

    Offical Disney Movie Rewards Code Thread

    Few new items added to the Rewards page. Dancing Groot Pop Bobble Mystery Mickey Ears Box Disney Pillars™ Snow White Also bunch of Tinker Bell statues and a bunch of DVD's/Blurays added as rewards. Edit: Huh just as I posted this the Groot and the Mickey Ears Box both disappeared...
  16. Teeg

    Mixer23's 8th Lowball! [Done]

    Club Nintendo Kirby 20th Anniversary Medal - $5.50 Tomodachi Life - $5 Pokemon Rumble Blast -$5
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