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  1. arnoldrimmer

    Lego Dimensions Fun packs $4 Dollarama

    None at Devonshire mall in Windsor
  2. arnoldrimmer

    black friday killed boxing day eh

    As someone who works retail I hope that this trend continues. I would love to be able to spend more time with my family around Christmas and not have to work a 12 hour shift
  3. arnoldrimmer


    I'll be saving my money, for me these get worse every year
  4. arnoldrimmer


    I thought last year BB was only 20% off, it was 2 years ago that they had 30. Which I took advantage of and I now only have 1 game left that hasn't been released lol.
  5. arnoldrimmer

    WatchDogs Xbox One/PS4 $19.99 at BestBuy (From Friday 13th)

    That's a solid price for the game. Thanks for sharing.
  6. arnoldrimmer

    will target be liquidating soon?

    As a Target employee from day one I was going to give some info but I guess I should run away and live in the woods instead.
  7. arnoldrimmer

    Zelda Game guide box set-$60 Chapters/Indigo

    I am tempted at the price but I am hoping to find it for the $40 sweet spot
  8. arnoldrimmer Amiibo - Wave 4 Pre-orders + Splatoon Series Pre-orders (April 6, 2015)

    I saw an article about how Black Friday is replacing Boxing Day. I think these deals confirm it.
  9. arnoldrimmer

    Best Buy/Futureshop: Meta Knight Amiibo watch (currently OOS)

    Looks like it's already sold out for pre-order :(
  10. arnoldrimmer

    3 free PSN games this weekend!

    Sweet! Thanks for sharing this!
  11. arnoldrimmer

    Is Canada even doing Black Friday this year?

    Just wait longer.
  12. arnoldrimmer

    Target. Buy 2 Games. Get 1 Free.

    The skylanders and infinity figures are also buy 2 get 1.
  13. arnoldrimmer

    Target - 2DS Disney - Pink $89.99 YMMV

    Mine does have a tag up advertising it.
  14. arnoldrimmer

    Target - 2DS Disney - Pink $89.99 YMMV

    The pink one is 79.99 right now at my target.
  15. arnoldrimmer

    [FS/BB] $69.95 Tales of Xillia 2 Collector's Edition

    Long since sold out but thanks for posting it
  16. arnoldrimmer

    Walmart Anniversary Sale Sept. 18th [Canada]

    Zelda wss full price at my local Targets so for $20 I picked it up.
  17. arnoldrimmer

    Amiibos are available for pre-order on, $13.99 each

    I may pick up Link at full price but I will wait for the others.
  18. arnoldrimmer

    Xbox One /360/PS4/PS3 games for $10 - target

    My store got a few of them in again in their last delivery. Also in the system the games don't show up as discontinued.
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