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  1. West.Jen269

    im looking for a brand new factory sealed dead by daylight

    im looking for a brand new factory sealed  dead by daylight but im only willing to pay something under 9 bux as i am poor to poor  but im serious about this
  2. West.Jen269

    dead by daylight special edition info

    does anybody know if this will go on sale for 10 bux again ??? and when ??
  3. West.Jen269

    does any body have a extra 20% off code

    thats legit an legal i need 1 asap so if u got it send it over asap an thnx !!!
  4. West.Jen269

    PlayStation Plus Deals?

    m ps plus expires this moning an i need a good deal on 3 months anythin less the 12 bux will do any ?
  5. West.Jen269

    need help what size screw driver do i need

    to take out the screw that holds in the cage to the hdd on ps4 slim i f=got 1 but it wont fit  it says 1 1/2 on the sie of the screw driver
  6. West.Jen269

    PlayStation 4 - General Discussion Thread

    hello i am a new ps4  slim owner i have some questions like 1. why is the upload only 6 the highest u can get when i heard the ps4 has a gig port 2.   does the ps4 test the speed of dns insted of yr net connection ? 3. please let meknow fast i still have time to retun it if the ethernet ports...
  7. West.Jen269

    how do you send a normal 1 person messge ?

    ai keep tryin but when u click messge it creates a stoopid group in xbox that did not happen how can i fix this problem ?
  8. West.Jen269

    does anybanybody have a 1 month ps plus legit legal trial code cuz i need it ?

    the new ps4 i got has a 14 day trial but i cant use it it keep rejecting my card info it says its wrong but im guessin they are trying to charge me 1 dollar is that what they do ?
  9. West.Jen269


    hi folks am lookin to trade some legit codes to all 3 gears of war games plus judgment  for a legit code that will get me all gun skins for gears of war 4
  10. West.Jen269

    any 1 wanna trade i got Legit codes for all gears games

    ok so i got legit codes for gears of war 1 gears of war 2 gears of war 3 gears of war  judgment looking to trade those for a code that will get me all gun skins for gears of war 4 
  11. West.Jen269


    this code is broke i reported it to microsoft so dont worry bout it they will just ban yr gamertag and bust yr xbox
  12. West.Jen269


    hey im despret some one have any 48 hr codes for gold ? also microsoft sent me this code for forza horizon 3 i dont have the game an aint gonna buy it so if u want this code u can have it its for a warthog from halo 5 to use in forza 3   PDJ46-M93W9-WY3RM-KY464-TTF2Z
  13. West.Jen269

    Xbox One Preview Program Invite Request Thread

    need invite but no tag since i report evil doers  on xbox one
  14. West.Jen269

    need $3 microsoft code the kind u get free from bing

    i need 1 of those what would u ask for in trade for it if you had 1 of those codes ?
  15. West.Jen269

    OFFICIAL Xbox One Dashboard Preview Invitation Request Thread

    i need a invite thing  cuz i beta tested everything on the 360 im a master betatester  but i am not givin away my tag thats private and sacred not to be abused by eveil does i have to protect myself since i report all the bad people on xbox one
  16. West.Jen269

    “Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Xbox One” Comes With Entire “Gears” Collection For Free?

    need info asap important what would be cheaper to buy microsoft points from amazon  or buy the digital code for the game from amazon or just get the digital download game from microsoft ? i know for a fact microsoft keep the tax they charge hidden i always end up tryin to understand why the...
  17. West.Jen269


    droppin this here an waiting to see if a cag member gets it or a non member i rember  there bein a setting that only member got to see the post or something cant find that anymore xbox live gold trial:   KFX77-FGJ7Q-WWR2Y-WPDBF-4FRVQ
  18. West.Jen269

    has this happend to you ?

     u click the big X like in the 360 to get the options to turn off console or controller  and u do get the popup for that but cant select  either of the options becuz in the back ground u can see when u move the stick its selecting stuff behind the popup ? i hope mine aint doin it cuz its...
  19. West.Jen269

    Grand Theft Auto V - 11/14 New trailer released! We're bouncin' now!

    how much does it cost to set up a hiest and how much do u get back im hoping its alot more then what u spent to start the hiest ?
  20. West.Jen269

    xbox one mtu is 1480 is that on all xbox ones ?

    hey i got an xbox one but the mtu on it says 1480   the correct mtu for cable internet is 1500 how come the xbox is wrong  what does urs say ? im thinkin maybe thats why the downloads are so slow
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