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  1. halfbent

    One sweet Valentine's day Destiny giveaway!

    I'll be spending it like I do every other perfectly normal Friday. Playing pool and having a couple beers at the bar. Kudos to Hallmark holidays. Thanks for the opportunity! Would love to throw my hat in for an Xbox Code. Still have fingers AND toes crossed we see a PC release!
  2. halfbent

    Bravely Default - Out now in stores and on the eShop! (Demo available)

    Yeah, I've had a few sends go out that didn't actually do anything either. Kind of stinks, but that's the general RNG of attacks! One thing I've definitely learned, even tho the character sheet stats LOOK higher for attack equipping two weapons, you actually will do a lot more just using one...
  3. halfbent

    Bravely Default - Out now in stores and on the eShop! (Demo available)

    The Summon Friend thing would be a lot cooler if everyone realized you can only use it once per send. I don't think many people are sending it out more than once or twice. Ah well. :P
  4. halfbent

    The Wolf Among Us (PC/Xbox 360) Giveaway - 7 Season Passes Up & More for Grabs! - Winners Posted

    Thanks for the giveaway1 Telltale does some masterful stuff.
  5. halfbent

    Gamestop Powerup Reward renewal - 50% bonus coupon?

    Anyone renewed recently and know if they are still giving out the bonus trade-in credit coupon with a renewal? Looking to offload my 360 collection soon as no one I used to play with has one any more..
  6. halfbent

    Win Guilty Gear XX Accent Core + (360/PS3) from CAG & Arc System Works

    Thanks Cheapy! Always been a Guilty Gear fan!
  7. halfbent

    Win a Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 Console Bundle from CAG - LoganDX Wins!

    I left my copy of Halo 4 in Texas on a six-week vacation, this would make perfect replacement so I can "enjoy" my time with the folks! :(
  8. halfbent

    Xbox Controller on PC? Pretty sure they made a new version and discontinued the old ones. Mine was one of the first version and it cuts on/off rarely, but it still works fairly well. The new ones work...
  9. halfbent

    League of Legends anyone?

    Trinity Force Podcast that I was shamelessly pimping before as an assist got picked up by ggChronicle now.
  10. halfbent

    5870 Dying, 6870 a Worse Replacement?

    Sapphire has a MUCH better brand behind it as well.
  11. halfbent

    Star Wars: The Old Republic - Out now!

    If you participated in the Thanksgiving weekend (Nov 25th and on) this is NOT true. You can keep your client for release.
  12. halfbent

    Star Wars: The Old Republic - Out now!

    Was looking forward to this weekend's test but it's failing the Main Asset 1 install every single time. After it fails and I have to close the launcher, it deletes all the temp files it downloaded. All 13gb+ of them. I've downloaded the file 5 times now and had it do the same thing. The only fix...
  13. halfbent

    League of Legends anyone?

    Second episode is up, 700 plays so far, not bad for a second week! /shamelessplugoff
  14. halfbent

    League of Legends anyone?

    You drive a hard bargain. Feel free to stop by for homemade tacos this evening!
  15. halfbent

    League of Legends anyone?

    Passed along the suggestions. I had the same one about the music myself. Not entirely sure how to sell the podcast, as I'm with you guys too, trying to see what I like about it and if I'm going to keep listening. Being the normal group of guys (and former, one currently active podcaster with...
  16. halfbent

    League of Legends anyone?

    Few friends I usually play with are trying to start up a LoL podcast; would love some more listens if you guys don't mind supporting: Or subscribe to the RSS Feed:
  17. halfbent

    League of Legends anyone?

    Jungling Noc hasn't seemed too bad for me so far at lvl 24, it's just the rest of the game with him that I can't seem to get down. Has been a lot easier for me with Fiddlesticks, most likely because I lean more towards AP champs anyway.
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