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  1. Lbgrowl

    List of all FREE Xbox Live Marketplace content (2.0)

    Hey FYI the GoT season pass being downloadable is likely a glitch in the system, and slickdeals is all over it: One thing I noticed is that it allows you to...
  2. Lbgrowl

    Dead Rising 2 (PS3) $18.01 at Sam's Club B&M YMMV?

    Hey everyone. Just got back from Sam's Club where they had Dead Rising 2 (PS3 one only) for $18.01. The Xbox 360 one was still $47 or so. I think I picked up the last one from my Sam's (#6453, 9700 No. Capital Of TX Hwy, Austin TX).
  3. Lbgrowl

    Battlefield Bad Company 2; Vietnam (1200 points) out; plus 4 new free maps

    It seems to me that there's no good way to take out a helicopter that has a half-decent pilot and gunner. We had an enemy Hind circle strafing our base with our entire team trying to take it out with no luck. Those things are damn hard to hit with anything but the mounted guns, and that guy...
  4. Lbgrowl

    Wolfenstein (360/PS3) $12.59/$17.42 at Amazon

    Just picked this up for the 360. At this price I couldn't resist. Return to Castle Wolfenstein for the original Xbox is still one of my favorite multiplayer shooters, and I'm hoping this one's even half as good.
  5. Lbgrowl

    Heavy Rain Discussion Thread

    I agree that this game had some really great . If you think about it, though makes a whole lot of sense. with the added bonus of . That's something that would be hard to pull off in a movie!
  6. Lbgrowl

    Heavy Rain Discussion Thread

    AND the fact that he always I do think it would make for some excellent DLC though.
  7. Lbgrowl

    Heavy Rain Discussion Thread

    I hope one of the DLC packs explains because that's really bothering me.
  8. Lbgrowl

    Heavy Rain Discussion Thread

    A really weird glitch happened to me in the mall scene where Jason was supposed to wander off. I bought him a balloon from the clown and he walked like 5 steps and then just stopped cold. The cutscene of Ethan looking around frantically when the wife showed up was hilarious because Jason was...
  9. Lbgrowl

    Another question about using a memory card with your gamertag

    You'll need to put your saves onto the memory card for most games. To answer your question about Trials, if you didn't put the save on the memory card you won't be able to play any levels above the beginner level, and you'll be stuck with the slowest bike (since you're basically restarting the...
  10. Lbgrowl

    DJ Hero - Gen. Discussion & Info - Out 10.27.09

    This game is ridiculous. I've been playing it on a friend's profile for a while, but I finally decided to switch to my own. Just finished playing through my first set, and during the first song, I unlocked 12 achievements for 150G, then another 5 point achievement for completing that set, not...
  11. Lbgrowl

    Check your email - Xbox Live Rewards Beta

    No email here, member for 6 years. I went and checked and in my email preferences I had "I want to receive insider information including a newsletter on games and other promotional offers." un-checked. I would guess having this turned off is severely limiting my chance for an invite.
  12. Lbgrowl

    XBLA - Trials HD - 1200pts

    I've beaten all my friends' scores on trials and I'm looking for some "advanced" players on CAG to add to my friends list. Add me if you've gotten some exceptional scores so I can try to beat them, or add me if you want some reasonably good scores to compete against. XBL: Lbgrowl
  13. Lbgrowl

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Gen. Discussion & Info

    Hey I just unlocked the zombie character model, so if any of you still need the "let sleeping rockstars lie" achievement, come find me online, gun me down, and catch the infection. Gamertag: Lbgrowl
  14. Lbgrowl

    2nd CAG SSBB Tournament!!! - Currently: FINAL MATCH - JMG!!! vs Peachachu

    I hope people will eventually learn to stop picking Final Destination. The edges of the platform are just awful. Look at how it screwed Blue over twice in that first match.
  15. Lbgrowl

    2nd CAG SSBB Tournament!!! - Currently: FINAL MATCH - JMG!!! vs Peachachu

    Smashville might not be perfect but it's a whole lot better than the broken Final Destination. Besides, we lost the match.
  16. Lbgrowl

    2nd CAG SSBB Tournament!!! - Currently: FINAL MATCH - JMG!!! vs Peachachu

    Tonight's matchup with :whee: has ended with a decisive defeat for The Grey Storm. Here's the breakdown: Round 1: Smashville TGS-Olimar/Lucario vs :whee:-Game & Watch/Link Winner: :whee: Round 2: Smashville TGS-Pit/Toon Link vs :whee:-Game & Watch/Link Winner: :whee: Dyeknom had a killer...
  17. Lbgrowl

    The *OFFICIAL* Brawl Friend Code Thread

    I've been adding you guys slowly through friends of friends, but might as well cut out the middle man. Lbgrowl/Kyle 4511 0162 3688 See you all online!
  18. Lbgrowl

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Gen. Discussion & Info

    If you've still got an opening in that game I'll gladly hop in. Kyle - 4511 0162 3688
  19. Lbgrowl

    Anyone else have Live crap out recently

    A friend and I were playing call of duty 4 until about a minute ago, when each of us disconnected from XBL. It's not letting us reconnect even though the connection tests are coming back fine. Since we are both seeing the same problem, I was just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat.
  20. Lbgrowl

    It's not stealing if its free, Thief: Deadly Shadows free on gametap

    Don't forget about the rest of this deal: Psychonauts, Hitman, and a bunch of others.
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