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  1. loxthefox

    STILL AVAILABLE! H: Lego City Undercover cn code (Wii U)/ W: Smash Bros 3DS demo

    Have an unused code for Lego City Undercover for Wii U, worth around 50 or 60 coins, plus 10 for the post survey. I'll trade it for a code for the Super Smash Bros 3DS demo.
  2. loxthefox

    Club Nintendo Deals ~ New Games Up (11/17-12/14)

    I've got a spare Lego City Undercover Wii U cn code for a Smash Bros demo.  Had platinum this year and last, though I'm certain I've opted out of email notifications.
  3. loxthefox

    April @Gamer Coupons: $25 NFS: MW, $20 Hitman and Sleeping Dogs

    Same deal as last time, coupons available in store with GC Unlocked subscription or available from the digital magazine. Valid from 4/7 - 5/4 Need For Speed: Most Wanted (PS3 & 360) for $24.99 (fixed price) $20 off Hitman: Absolution (PS3 & 360) - $20 AC $20 off Sleeping Dogs (PS3 & 360) - $20...
  4. loxthefox

    March Best Buy @Gamer Coupons: $5 DBZ Kinect, $8 AC:R 360, $20 Doom 3, TTT2, & ZOE HD

    Magazine is going digital this issue, but for whatever reason, the coupons are still available in store. It's in a brochure showing a preview of the magazine and talking about RZ Unlocked. There's also no UPC on it outside of the Unlocked sign-up UPC so it could actually be free. I'll try to...
  5. loxthefox

    PS Vita Games - Buy, Sell or Trade thread!

    Want: Asphalt: Injection Ben 10: Galactic Racing DJMAX Technika Tune F1 2011 FIFA Soccer History Legends Of War - Patton (Is this out yet?) Lego Batman 2 - DC Superheroes Lego The Lord Of The Rings Little Deviants Madden NFL 13 Michael Jackson: The Experience Need For Speed: Most Wanted...
  6. loxthefox

    Best Buy Deal of the Day: Gran Turismo 6 $39.99/$31.99 Unlocked, Saints Row IV (PS3, Xbox 360) $29.99/$23.99 Unlocked

    From what I saw, the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary box set is around $80 or so on 1/7, and the White Dual Shock 3 with Twisted Metal is around $40 on 1/9.
  7. loxthefox

    Reduced Price Guide Thread XIV (FAQ in 2nd Post)

    Heads up everyone: There be a drop at Best Buy today! Codes And CHeats Vol. 2 2012 Disney Universe Dragon Age II Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim CE Fallout New Vegas Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword CE Madden NFL 12 Mario Party 9 Mortal Kombat Pokemon Black & White...
  8. loxthefox

    *UPDATED* Best Buy @ Gamer - 9/30/12 - 11/10/12 | Wikified

    2 batches of coupons this month! Here are the coupons for the Oct. issue: $10 off Dead Island GOTY $15 off Sleeping Dogs $10 off Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance $10 off Angry Birds Trilogy (all systems) $20 off F1 (doesn't say what year, assuming the new one) $30 off Triton Warhead headset...
  9. loxthefox

    Best Buy Deal of the Day (2012)

    Kid Icarus: Uprising is $15 on Tuesday, if I recall.
  10. loxthefox

    BB @Gamer July/Aug Coupons - $10 KoA:R, $10 Tera, $20 SFvT, $5 off $10-$20 PO

    Can confirm these from the employee notes I read this morning. Though, they said that the Battlefield 3 coupon is only valid on the PS3 version.
  11. loxthefox

    May 2012 BB @Gamer - $10 Assassin's Creed Rev., $20 NCAA12

    Next month's coupons: $30 off SSX $20 off Resistance 3 $20 off Soul Calibur V $15 off Dragon Age II $20 off Deadliest Warrior $40 off Triton AX headset $20 off MLB 11 The Show (used) $10 off 1 used game $29.99 and up
  12. loxthefox

    The new (and mod approved) Sony RLS thread

    PS3's are up. 320GB Uncharted 3 and 320GB Move Bundles. 20000 points and $210.00.
  13. loxthefox

    Nintendo DS Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem 10 NEW

    This site looks like a public version of the Best Buy employee auction site. And they did have several copies of Mario Vs. Donkey Kong on there recently.
  14. loxthefox

    Skylanders - Toys brought to life, Cross-platform Connectivity *Giants Out Now*

    From what I've read at work today, Best Buy is gonna be giving out the Volcanic Vault with $25 purchase of skylanders around the week of April 22 (or 29, possibly).
  15. loxthefox

    Reduced Price Guide Thread-Lucky Number XIII(FAQ in 2nd post)

    How the hell did I miss that. To sleep I go!
  16. loxthefox

    Reduced Price Guide Thread-Lucky Number XIII(FAQ in 2nd post)

    ? Yeah, I don't get it. Or I'm just tired right now.
  17. loxthefox

    Reduced Price Guide Thread-Lucky Number XIII(FAQ in 2nd post)

    Time I chime in I suppose. From what I know at least, I've not heard a thing about them stopping with pennying guides. I do check the employee news often, and there hasn't been a mention of them anytime recently. It's possible that something could have slipped by near the end of my shift, but...
  18. loxthefox

    HD collections - discussion and speculation

    Also, FWIW, the Resident Evil ports are available on disk in Japan. There's also a Sengoku Basara (first one released in America as Devil Kings) collection coming to Japan later this year. You can also get Medal Of Honor: Frontline with Medal Of Honor (2010), and Tekken Tag Tournament with...
  19. loxthefox

    The new (and mod approved) Sony RLS thread

    Twisted Metal's up on the catalog now.
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