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  1. TheRealRizzo

    Grand Theft Auto V free after Amazon Credit with Twitch Prime

    I didn't have my accounts link, mega boof. Hopefully customer service will work with me.
  2. TheRealRizzo

    Grand Theft Auto V free after Amazon Credit with Twitch Prime

    I hate how confused I am about this.
  3. TheRealRizzo

    Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate $25 at Best Buy (YMMV extreme)

    my store has electronic pricing signs, so stuff like this almost never happens - sadface-
  4. TheRealRizzo

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    boy if you don't
  5. TheRealRizzo

    Walmart: Steam / eShop / PSN gift cards $10 off order of $35 or more. "New Customers"

    I don't even see where to put in the code, I went through the whole process.
  6. TheRealRizzo

    Free $10 in PSVR Email

    got a code, thanks cause I would have never opened that email lol
  7. TheRealRizzo

    C64 mini preorders!

    did you jump on the preorder faster than you jumped to the conclusion you'd get kicked? lol
  8. TheRealRizzo

    Expiring GCU members get 25% off promo code, stacks with GCU at Best Buy

    I clicked away from my porn for this? Thanks bud.
  9. TheRealRizzo

    Best Buy Ad 4/29-5/5

    I see Attack on Titan 2 for $44.99 as well across all consoles, don't know if it was mentioned
  10. TheRealRizzo

    Doom UAC Bundle - $29.99 ($23.99 GCU) PS4/XB1/PC

    wow wish I would have known the season pass was free, I bought it from redbox but never took notice to the season pass.. I've been a bad CAG lately.
  11. TheRealRizzo

    Doom UAC Bundle - $29.99 ($23.99 GCU) PS4/XB1/PC

    Honestly haven't seen this posted, but noticed it when I went into work, maybe it's always been that price and I'm just not doing my job right. Will delete if old.
  12. TheRealRizzo

    Playstation VR Doom Bundle Dell $199 + free $25 Dell Gift Card

    should be able to price match at BB
  13. TheRealRizzo

    Nintendo Switch + $35 Gift Card for $299 - Walmart

    just got a switch from them last week, why do these things happen to me.
  14. TheRealRizzo

    PS PLUS - H: $45 PP W: 12 Month Sub

    as per not here
  15. TheRealRizzo

    Target Ad 2/4-2/10: B1G1 Free Select Wii U Titles | Super Mario Maker (3DS), Yoshi's Wooly World (3DS), Pokemon Omega Ruby - $24.99 ea.

    hopefully best buy does something similar for Ruby & Sapphire, just got a 2ds and Crystal, would love to jump into both R&S with my gf.
  16. TheRealRizzo

    SNES Classic in stock at Best Buy, Vallejo, CA

    do yu kno de.. nevermind.
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