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  1. turls

    3D Blu-Ray thread

    Frozen 3D (import) was actually sold by Amazon (not 3rd Party Seller) for a while within the last few days.  Its gone now though.  It was like $27 or so.  I don't know what to make of that.
  2. turls

    Amazon's Holiday Deals Calendar: Cyber Monday Deals Week

    $25 on PC (Steam Code). I wanted $20, but I'll skip Shadow of Mordor for now and bite. EDIT: must still be asleep, will be $20 on GMG on Saturday most likely. Oh well.
  3. turls

    Best Buy $10 Reward Certificates Pre-order Promotion (Read the OP before posting your question)

    Ridiculous waste of time.  Pre-ordered Sims 4 Digital on Sunday (its Origin anyway so whoever has the best deal is the way to go), had to call to find out there is a "system error" and they can't fulfill the order.  No offer to give me any kind of compensation for their error, like $10 to use...
  4. turls

    $60 Xbox Live Credit for $40.

    I still don't have mine from the original deal bought with CC I use with them all the time (only got order confirmation), long time NewEgg customer.  Been over 13 hours.  How do you know if the deal is live or not when the purchase page gives no mention of the actual credit amount you are...
  5. turls

    Extended battery for wii u gamepad

    Where do you even find it?  I found all these articles (from late 2013) with links to the official Nintendo one in the Nintendo store, but all they offer now is the standard one.
  6. turls

    Thrustmaster T500RS Microcenter $150

    If they are cancelling orders, why don't they pull the damn thing from the site.  Just wasted 15 minutes ordering this because all I saw was the Twitter post.
  7. turls

    3D Blu-Ray thread

    Rather lame selection this year from Fry's, who I've used in the past to get the $15 price point. It looks like this is very close to the same list they had last year, in fact, I bought most of these from Fry's previously. Wonder why they didn't add any 2013 releases this time?
  8. turls

    Sony Rewards Blu-ray/DVD Points thread

    Does Sony Rewards ever offer catalog deals around Black Friday?  I'm close to enough points for a Vita and don't want to pay for the extra points if I don't have to. I guess I'm not going to even pay the sale price for a Vita so this is the only way I will get one.
  9. turls

    MLB 14: The Show (PS3, PS4) $10 gift card pre-order, Dangan Ronpa: THH (Vita) $35 & more @Newegg

    Ok, so when do I get the COD4 code I wonder? EDIT: Came in just a few minutes after I placed the order.  Works on Steam for PC.
  10. turls

    Blocked Bidders List

    Guess this thread isn't getting updated in OP recently, but look at this gem: jenna2009 Bid up a PS4 to a ridiculous level near end of auction (pretty sure allengamer779 was in on it too), then almost immediately emailed me and said they weren't paying. Why the f*%^ does Ebay make you wait on...
  11. turls

    Disney Infinity Deals Compilation Thread

    Not likely, there was no open spot for them. And you are talking about the Wal-Mart that still had tons of everything else except the Cars playset (they may have never had it either), and had the Glow in the Dark Black Friday Skylander in droves on the floor for months.
  12. turls

    Disney Infinity Deals Compilation Thread

    Well, I was looking forward to trying the tricks mentioned here to get some discs at my local Wal-Mart SuperCenter _for my own use_, but my lame store didn't have any Power Discs?  How can they not stock those at release?  But they get all kinds of other crap that will never sell on Day 1...
  13. turls

    Disney Infinity Deals Compilation Thread

    Actually, they already matched on the Cars Play Set. Just Wal-Mart price, not Target though. Something is up with these "deals". There sure are a lot of them for a new release. I think they had this in the marketing plan somewhere.
  14. turls

    Madden NFL 25th Anniversary Edition: $100 w/free year of NFL Sunday Ticket

    (For those already with DirecTV (I've had Sunday Ticket since 1995 either on big dish or DirecTV)) The thing is you don't have to buy Max. If you can get Max for free by going through a CSR, it might seem there is no point to paying the $40 for basically the Max content through this EA/Madden...
  15. turls

    St. Louis Deals

    Wow, if I wanted fanboy-ism out of my retail checkout, I will just buy online.
  16. turls

    Wii U Deluxe $296 + ~$10 Shipping

    A hardware refresh perhaps? That's much worse, and if Nintendo is desperate enough, it could happen.
  17. turls

    Origin Sims 3 sale $9.99

    I'm waiting for $5 as well on most of these I think. Actually I don't have a huge problem with Origin anymore. Its actually kind of nice since we share the Steam account in the household and at least the Origin games aren't tied up the same time as the Steam games.
  18. turls

    Gamestop new-to-used conversions

    No surprise here. I rarely buy stuff in-store, and generally I like GameStop, but the stuff they do on "new" copies are ridiculous. I know they've been using the crappy price stickers that don't even come off very easily, then they put another clear sticker on it where it opens and then it...
  19. turls

    $21.XX Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth(Kinect) @ Amazon w/FSSS

    Looks like they matched Wal-Mart or vice-versa. Thanks OP.
  20. turls

    Razer Hydra PC motion controller $40 at

    Another big problem is the lack of driver support (official or not) out of the box if you buy many new games. That is more the developers fault than Sixense, but it is what it is. I don't normally play/buy games upon release, but if I do I want to have full peripheral support (Bioshock...
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