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  1. Cheese

    CAGcast #267: We Hope They Serve Pancakes In Hell

    God loves everyone, But not anyone. You're cool as long as you believe in Christ, if not, then it's into the pits for you. Like much of the bible, it's all about how you interpret it. "Just ignore me telling you to burn in hell," is a helluva argument.
  2. Cheese

    CAGcast #267: We Hope They Serve Pancakes In Hell

    While FotF (assholes) are certainly allowed to say whatever they want, decorum dictates there is a time and place for everything. "If you don't believe in my narrow interpretation of a much-edited, bronze-age, skygod belief system, you will burn in eternal hellfire," is an argument best left off...
  3. Cheese

    CheapyD on U.S.' debt ceiling

    Republicans voted 19 times to increase the debt ceiling under the previous administration without nary a peep. There was some noise from the Democrats, including some from President Obama, during the votes that took place during election seasons.
  4. Cheese

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to get "Elite" Monthly Subscription Fee

    Activision is making the sides. You'll have your elite havers and your elite have nots. Mark my words, this is the first step to them charging you for multiplayer.
  5. Cheese

    CAGcast #233: Earthquaked!

    Cheapy has the musical tastes of a high school girl. Noted.
  6. Cheese

    Plan to Build Mosque Near Ground Zero Riles Families of 9/11 Victims

    The Park 51 cultural center (which is 13 stories, part of one of them will have a prayer room, not a mosque) is based on the model of of a YMCA and will feature a basketball court, swimming pool, cafe and performance space and will be the first of it's kind in New York. The prayer space will be...
  7. Cheese

    Blockbuster Movie + Games New Rental Policy

    Signed up and canceled within half an hour. Madden 11 won't be available until Thanksgiving. Sorry BB, you almost had it, but screwed it up. There's a B&M around the corner, but $17 bucks, plus $5 each in-store exchange? So say, I exchange twice, that's $27. No thanks. I'll stick with the...
  8. Cheese

    CAGcast #202: The E3 2010 Not So Limited Collector's Edition

    Hey Cheapy D, y'know how you're always talking about how you go to E3 so you can get some human interaction? How your only interaction with people is over the internet? Yeah, it shows. You sounded like you were flaming some guy on an internet forum, not someone you've built a relationship...
  9. Cheese

    The libertarian's guide to externality costing. What do we do about the oil spill?

    If I understand correctly, the Secretary of the Interior and his Deputy were in the gulf region discussing the spill with BP the day after the explosion. At that point, I don't know about you, but I think sending a cabinet-level secretary to the scene was the appropriate response. I like how...
  10. Cheese

    Why you can't blame Obama for everything...

    Yes, an awesome business startup where you only have to walk over the frozen bodies of a houses former tenants to clean it up for newcomers who may never come at all! A cash cow if ever I saw one, all it takes is a total lack of humanity! Yeah, Bush already did that and they didn't hire...
  11. Cheese

    Climatologists ask to "hide the decline" in temperature data, amongst other things

    In the 80s we had acid rain, a system similar to cap and trade was put in place to spur innovation and it worked, acid rain dropped dramatically because companies either filtered out the pollutants that caused it or found ways to not make them in the first place until today when you never hear...
  12. Cheese

    Why you can't blame Obama for everything...

    Dow Jones avg. the week the ARRA was signed = 7,365.67 Dow Jones avg. yesterday = 10,471.58 Figure this: Much of the ARRA was to be spent on infrastructure. OK, great, no more collapsing bridges. So, you've got a bridge in North Dakota that needs serious overhauling. You petition for some...
  13. Cheese

    Climatologists ask to "hide the decline" in temperature data, amongst other things

    Thanks for admitting you're a petty moron. That's very stand-up of you.
  14. Cheese

    Climatologists ask to "hide the decline" in temperature data, amongst other things

    Can someone explain why the use of "Algore," as opposed to "Al Gore?" I suspect it's some sort of petty Rushism that is intended to demean the target but serves mostly as a billboard that reads, "The person using this phrase is a moron."
  15. Cheese

    More than $98 billion wasted by the government

    We'll import some whores for the whores. Iraq war death estimates range from 30k (outlandish) to 1 million (equally outlandish), I think 200k is a reasonable compromise. I'd venture the actual number isn't too far off from that (of course if you add in deaths from depleted uranium shells from...
  16. Cheese

    More than $98 billion wasted by the government

    I'm comparing a national company with thousands of employees to the gov't. I'm not saying it's a completely perfect comparison. I'm saying that the government is made up of human beings and human beings fuck up a lot, fucking up only 5% of the time is pretty reasonable by comparison. No...
  17. Cheese

    It's officially a pattern: Obama bows to Japanese emperor

    Hey, Prince, what did they talk about after the bow? If you look it up you're cheating (on yourself, not me).
  18. Cheese

    More than $98 billion wasted by the government

    In college I worked for Kinkos, our store had the least loss percentage of any store in the chain, about 10% monthly due to mistakes, re-dos, theft, etc. I transfered to another location just after graduation while I hunted for a job and they had a loss of over 40%, mostly in mistakes. 5%...
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