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  1. Undertaker415

    Meijer's Trade In Value Thread

    Well I have Diablo III and Destiny for PS4 that are going to be sent back to me from Walmart. I wonder what Meijer will give me for them.
  2. Undertaker415

    FS: COD:AW Full Game Download Code (XB1)

    I can do $30 paypal
  3. Undertaker415

    W: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

    Looking for a digital copy of Advanced warefare, willing to go up to $40 amazon, xbox live, psn, nintendo, or $30 paypal. PM or post if you are willing to sell. May also be willing to buy sunset overdrive digital too.
  4. Undertaker415

    looking for dauntless visor code for halo 5

    Well you know how to reach me if you change your mind.
  5. Undertaker415

    looking for dauntless visor code for halo 5

    I can do $30 amazon or paypal
  6. Undertaker415

    So I bought Destiny from the Microsoft Store...

    Keep it but don't open it or anything. If in a couple of weeks they find out that they sent you two and charge you (highly unlikely) simply send the sealed copy back. If they don't keep it and trade it in or something.
  7. Undertaker415

    Xbox Live Rewards

    Thank you
  8. Undertaker415

    H: UV codes W:?

    I have plenty of ?s. Here are a couple free ??. PM me if you want some more.
  9. Undertaker415

    Xbox Live Rewards

    Ok so I have a few questions about the xbox live rewards my games on demands punch card. I saw from the forums that a 59.99 game will count towards the punchcard even though it says $60 minimum. My question is that which games are "games on demand"? I'm not familiar with the xbox marketplace...
  10. Undertaker415

    H: Mutiple Madden 15$ preorder MUT codes XBone/PS4. W: PayPal or Amazon

    I have 6 for xbox one that i'm selling too, $25 for them all
  11. Undertaker415

    H: Walmart and Gamestop Credit. W: Bestbuy credit

    still available
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